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Anticipated excess of sugar

. 2010-01-28

Without realizing it, every day we consume excessive sugar. And all this time people need merely sugar for taste. Excessive consumption of sugar, in addition to tooth decay, also can easily increase the weight of the body. Indeed in the body, the sugar is converted to glucose which will provide energy for the body. However, reducing the consumption of sugar will not cause you to lack energy.

Many foods that are actually indirect has replaced sugar as a source of carbohydrate food (rice, bread, corn, potatoes, noodles, etc.). This carbohydrate is converted to glucose through the digestive process. In addition, proteins and fats also provide energy. The food that contains lots of sugar such as soft drinks, ice cream, sweet cakes, and candy sweet.

Tips to reduce sugar consumption in daily activity, there are several ways you can do :

1. Choose snacks that do not have a sweet and tasty
2. Avoid sugary drinks, replacing them with fruit juice, but do not add sugar
3. Do not add sugar to the milk, or chocolate
4. Provide fruit for dessert or to prevent your hunger.


HealthyMom said...

It is important to read labels and watch out for sugar. I agree. It really is in so much of the food we eat.

Healthy Lifestyle

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