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Anti Aging food

. 2010-02-23

It is important to understand that a number of nutrients to work more effectively in the body in the presence of antioxidants. When consumed, antioxidants will combat oxidants by attaching it self to free radicals, and ultimately reduce the inflammation associated with many aspects of the aging process. Not limited to heart disease and wrinkles only. From many of nutritious foods, there are three foods that are worth considering in order to slow aging : salmon, blueberries, and green tea. Salmon is very good antioxidant that makes vitamin C and E work longer, improve eye health and skin beside for anti aging.

The salmon is also a source of protein needed to make the whole cells, skin, hair, eyes, muscles, and organs. Also contains healthy fats, namely omega-3, which increases HDL to reduce the negative effects of LDL cholesterol.
Berry fruits contain antosianin which help vitamin C and E work better in the body. Research conducted at the Danish show that berries are used in reducing inflammation and the prevention or treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, and mood disorder.
Green tea is a healthful beverage. In February, written in the Journal of Nutrition and Biochem, by Japanese researchers, who have catechins in green tea is a source of antioxidants guard for brain neurons and prevent cognitive decline.

That Three powerful foods (antioxidant foods) should be included in the daily eat in order to maintain mental health and physical. In addition, plus fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants such as :

1. Avocado. This fruit is a good source of monounsaturated fats that can help lower bad cholesterol in the body. Avocado is also a Somber vitamin E can help maintain healthy skin and prevent skin aging. Vitamin E also may help the symptoms of hot flush or a burning sensation on the face. Rich in potassium which helps prevent fluid retention and high blood pressure.

2. Berries. Blackberries, blueberries, black grapes contain phytochemicals known as a powerful antioxidant flavonoids, which help protect the body against damage caused by free radicals and aging.

3. Cabbage. The family of cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, radishes, help the body against toxins and cancer. It is recommended to consume about 115 grams of vegetables each day. Where possible, the consumption of raw or boiled for a moment so important enzymes remain intact.

4. Garlic. Protective effect on the heart of garlic have long been noted. The results in 1994, in Iowa, United States, against 41,837 women aged 55-69 years showed that women who ate a clove of garlic at least once every week 50 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer. Other studies in Tasgore Medical College, India, shows that garlic lowers cholesterol and helps thin the blood more effectively than aspirin and also reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Ginger. This spicy roots can increase the digestive and circulatory systems of the body is very useful especially for the elderly. Ginger also helps relieve arthritic aches and pains.

6. Nuts. Nuts are good sources of minerals, particularly walnuts and brazil nuts. Although high in calories, rich walnut potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. Adding nuts to your diet can improve gastrointestinal function and immune system, improve and prevent skin cancer. Nuts also help control cholesterol levels.

7. Yogurt. Rich in essential minerals like potassium, calcium, protein, and vitamin B. Another thing that makes yogurt into one of the many important food is the presence of live bacteria in it. These bacteria help the absorption of nutrients in the gut and stabilize the immune system.

8. Brown rice and pasta wheat. Carbohydrate is energy foods. Replace pasta and white rice with wheat pasta and brown rice and you will quickly feel the difference in energy levels.

9. Watermelon. Not only has the effect of alkali (alkaline) of the body, but also provides essential fluid needed by the body to perform various tasks.

10. Water. No one can match the power of water. Water out toxins from the body also provides fluid to the bloodstream. Please read the efficacy of drinking mineral water.



Mortgage Refinancing

. 2010-02-22

Mortgages generally go for 30 years so it is only natural that a long this time period you may come upon new financial circumstances in your life; after all, 30 years is a long time. Interest rates and the cost of living can mean that you have got yourself into even more debt than when you first took out your mortgage. Mortgage refinancing for debt relief is an option you can consider if you have found a different home loan package that may save you money or allow you to pay off your mortgage faster. If you have after some years, gained some equity in your property (that is, the value of your property exceeds the amount you borrowed for it), then you may wish to use that equity to finance life events such as your children's education or even an investment property. If buying a second property, refinancing your first mortgage may be an ideal way to save money.

The idea of mortgage refinancing in most cases is to free up cash that you can use for other purposes. If you have found yourself in a high amount of credit card debt, refinancing your mortgage can lower your monthly loan repayments and you can therefore put that spare cash into paying off your credit card.

Mortgage loan refinance and debt consolidation can be complicated process so you will need to speak to your local financial institution before making a final decision. If you are a trusted customer of the bank, they may automatically approve your refinance, whilst other times you may have to fill in lengthy paperwork. Generally however, there is a fee to refinance a mortgage.

Mortgage refinancing is a common method of debt consolidation. This is because a mortgage is almost always at a lower interest rate than other debts such as credit cards and personal loans. By rolling your other high interest debts into your mortgage, you can save a considerable amount on interest payments.



Just be happy, and you will healthy

. 2010-02-19

Happiness that we felt was not only the aura radiates from the face, but also a healthy body. Study of 9981 in Australians shows, people that healthy and happy with his life less frequently exposed to the disease. A study published in The American Journal of Health Promotion is to compare levels of happiness and satisfaction of the respondents provided in 2001 with their health status in 2004. To measure levels of happiness, the respondents are given a question, like "In the last week did you feel happy?" or "When all things considered, how satisfied you are with your life?"
Three years later, the health level of the respondents was measured in three ways. First, they were asked how their health condition, then they asked whether experience health problems. Finally, they asked whether the 17 types of disease have mentioned, such as back pain or eye problems.

As many as 63 percent of respondents said they always felt happy. Meanwhile, 90 percent admitted satisfied with his life. The people from that group was more healthy. In other words, if you're currently satisfied and happy with life, then in the next three years you will most likely healthy. A different study conducted in the United States against the nuns also showed no different results. The nun who claimed to be happy and have hope and love of his life was more longevity. The experts say, happiness, as well as economic status, should be included as an indicator of health.
So, don't be sad... just relax and be happy. :)



Principle of eating well for pregnant women

. 2010-02-09

Pregnancy is the moments that most require special attention, both from the way of activity and eating for the health of the baby and mother to keep fit. Besides the principle of good eating is a big contribution to development in the fetus a baby. Pregnant women can not eat and drink whatever they want, to note, the scope of nutrition. Pregnant women are also not only to eat and drink nutritious without notice patterns, you should have arranged a healthy eating pattern, you better make the right schedule of eating. What you eat and how to eat, is a topic that I will discuss this time.


You now are pregnant then your diet should follow the diet for pregnant women. In pregnancy you need more consumption of protein, calories (for energy), vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and iron for your baby's development, too. Remember you need an additional 300 calories per day.

AVOID FOOD that could endanger maternal and fetal
  • Ripe cheeses such as Brie or Camembert and blue vein cheeses such as Stilton that could cause Listeriosis, is the infection which cause miscarriage, premature birth, or severe illness in infants who had just been born.
  • Raw eggs or undercooked eggs, which are usually contained in a home-made mayonnaise, fla, a dessert like chocolate mousse, tiramisu or ice cream. Content of raw eggs on these foods can lead to seriously salmonella poisoning to mother.
  • Hearts provided many high-vitamin A which dangerous for your baby.
  • Meat and fish are in half-baked have risk of toxoplasma and listeriosis which can cause fetal death or multiple health problems in your baby.
  • Fast food also have risk to get listeriosis, be sure you cook it first before eat.
  • Unwashed Vegetables and fruits could cause toxoplasma or listerosis. Wash again, make sure it clean !
  • Nuts can be dangerous for pregnant women if they have allergic to peanuts, eczema skin disease, and asthma.
  • Shark, swordfish, and marlin fish have a lot of mercury which can endanger your
    baby's nervous system.
  • Pregnant women who consume the head of the fish or poultry, have risk for listeriosis contamination.
  • Shellfish which even mature, also can be dangerous.

Not good for the condition of mother and baby, because it can cause deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other food ingredients. Diet should only be done with the approval of a doctor. Some pregnant women even recommended certain food diet, "The goal, of course not lose weight, but that weight does not increase capital in excess." Normal weight gain during pregnancy is more than two pounds a month. If needed, just cut certain foods that can add excess weight, such as cakes, tarts, biscuits, fatty foods and sweets

In the first 3 month is usually found complaints of nausea vomiting (morning sickness), try to overcome by eating small portions but often and avoid spicy also greasy food. Eat smaller portions, but made several times which recommended every 4 hours. Remember though you are not hungry, but your baby need food / nutrition on a regular basis.


The foods you eat is the source of the best vitamins, but are you sure your diet contains enough vitamins needed during pregnancy? especially iron and folic acid which is indispensable for the growth of healthy infants. For that you should take your vitamins regularly. And don't forget to consult it to the doctor. It is to make sure are your vitamin support with your body condition/characteristic.


8 glasses a day. Because you need enough fluids for you and your baby. 33% weight gain in pregnancy is a liquid. Fluid needed to build the baby's red blood cells for system circulation, the amniotic fluid. Your body also needs water during pregnancy to overcome constipation and control your body temperature.


Especially for fruit, do not be afraid to any of the fruits. Provided that not too much. Fruits are highly recommended for pregnant women such as bananas. Because according to research, banana has vitamin C levels far greater than the orange. The benefit for pregnant women, this fruit can reduce pain in the joints above the 5-month pregnancy, forming collagen, fiber, protein structure. Collagen is needed for the formation of bones and teeth and also to form scar tissue. Vitamin C also increases the body resistance against infection and helps the body to absorb iron. Besides Bananas are also advised to consume strawberries and melons. One more, Papaya fruit is highly recommended for pregnant women because of the high contain in vitamin A which can enhance immune pregnant women. Beside it, vitamin A also plays a role in the formation and controlling of hormones and helps to protect the body against cancer.
Vegetables that contain iron is needed by pregnant women. Eg spinach, kale, cassava leaves, papaya leaves etc. Scientists Research at the Sahlgrenska Academy Switzerland, published in the journal Pediatric Diabetes states, pregnant women who eat vegetables every day tend to have children that free from diabetes type 1.



Protect your skin from UV light

. 2010-02-06

Health and beauty skin is strongly influenced by the pattern of life and patterns of daily meals. In addition, the environment also plays an important role. Environmental polusif, hot and dry air, exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, smoke, dust, making the skin more faded quickly. Sunlight (UV light) has two distinct sides, which have a positive benefit, but also his or there are negative or become our enemy. Because of our Earth's environment, especially the atmosphere had become less able to guarantee the positive effects of sunlight. Of course you don't want if your skin damaged because UV light, right? Now, there are various forms of sunblock on the market, such as cream, lotion or gel. Compared lotion or gel, cream more effectively protect the skin from UV rays. Best way is you should using complexion creams. Complexion cream is useful to fortify your skin and reflects UV rays and there is no harm. Now it's a lot of natural skin creams and have various characteristics in accordance with your skin type.



traditional tips to prevent and cope hair fall

. 2010-02-04

The hair is a crown of body especially face. And Hair has major contribution to the element of beauty in women. Too bad if your hair is fall especially damaged. But it's been a lot happening between us. Many causes of hair fall, such as dandruff, excessive UV rays, stress, or your hair not enough nutritious etc. Many are also solutions to overcome the usual way we see on television or advertising, but many are not suitable so that it exacerbates.

Now, I will give some information to deal with hair fall problems by traditionally tips. I have three alternative that you can choose :

1. Take two handfuls of green beans, then add the water into the pan you use as much as two cups and then boiled together with the green beans until water live half. After that, take the cooking water from the green beans and condensed overnight. Then, in the morning you can use and apply into the scalp and leave until late afternoon. Do it for 7 days, and your hair will be protected from fall.

2. Aloe vera plants has been proved to be extremely potent to handle hair fall also can even make your hair better and thicker. How to use:
• Take the aloe vera plant which is large and has a lot of meat
• Then split the Aloe vera in two and take the meat
• coat all parts of your head with aloe vera evenly
• set aside in 10-15 minutes
• wash your hair
• do this two time a week for a month. And you will get beautiful hair.

3. With pecan nuts, because its known the efficacy could make strengthen and nourish.
- Take a few pecan nuts, then baked until the oil removed.
- apply the oil evenly on the surface of the scalp. Do it at night before sleep, and wash the hair in the morning.
- Perform this routinely until you have no more hair fall.

You may also like to read my general hair fall tips.



General Eye Care Tips

. 2010-02-01

Eyes is the most important to capture information, 80% of information we receive visual form. And this is the five senses is most important to be maintained. But now a lot of people underestimate the little things that effect is bad for eye health. This is the general tips for caring your eyes to keep healthy.

1. Protect eyes with anti-UV glass, if you are outside the room or a sunny place to minimize the impact of UV rays and free radicals. It also very recommended for you who work with computer.

2. Do not get used to seeing from close range, switch views to distant places for five minutes, do this every 15 minutes to reduce eyestrain.

3. Reading in a fairly light with the correct position.

4. Doing eye exercises every day to train the eye nerve, its give you to relax and get powerful vision. With glanced up and down, left and right, oblique left oblique right top-down and vice versa, then a circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively 5 -10 count.

5. Do routine exercise, it make your blood flow to the eyes smoothly.

6. Avoid using eye medications or vitamins without consulting with a doctor.

7. Perform routine inspection every six months for healthy eyes. Especially For eye that have specific problems.

8. If your two-wheeled vehicle users, we recommend using glasses or a helmet that has face protected. This is useful in order to reduce road dust on your eyes.

9. If the eyes become dry, do not let this happen because it can cause damage to the eye. To treat dry eyes, you could close your eyes for a few minutes while on the activity. You can also wash the eyes with tea water.

10. Expand drinking mineral water to help prevent fatigue and dehydration, especially in air-conditioned room, because the body begins to store water for self-defense, and this could help keep the humidity around the eyes.

11. Eat foods that contain vitamins A, C, and E each day.



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