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Tips to keep, prevent and cope with hair loss

. 2009-12-29

Hair is just like a crown. And became one of the factors of physical image quality assessment a person, especially women. Hair for women is one of the most important body parts that must be maintained to show for their physical beauty. Moreover, the hair is now also one part of a trend in society, both young and old. Always follow the mutually hairstyle change follows the trend, has become a habit of teenagers. Because the model is also often reflected in the hair to be one reflection of one's character. But what if you are someone who always follow the trend of hairstyle, but you have unhealthy hair and fall out? It's same as bullshit right? This problem is common already among us, because so many external factors (poor environmental conditions) and internal (lack of knowledge of good care). Please read the tips to keep, prevent and cope with hair loss :

1. More eat nutritious foods, especially protein and iron. Why? Because the protein is essential for the growth of body cells, including hair.

2. Use water with normal temperature when shampooing

3. Use a shampoo, hair tonic and konditioner containing ginseng, it's good for ypur hair because make it not easily broken and a healthy glow.

4. Reduce or avoid use of the shampoo with a foam that is too much. Because the foam shampoo that contains the pH 7 to 8 which can damage the scalp's natural acid pH it is around 5.5. PH imbalance can interfere with healthy hair growth and cause hair loss. Try to shampoo with a low-foam formula, or use baby shampoo because it generally does not contain detergent.

5. Conditioner useful to counteract the alkaline nature of the hair. The nature of acid in conditioner will close the hair cuticle as before. Conditioner also provides oil to the hair and make it more luminous. Although the hair actually produces oil, but the long hair, the oil was not until the end of the hair, and this is one for conditioner.

6. Frequently scalp massage. Scalp massage function to help the circulation of blood. Blood capillaries will lead to deliver food for the roots of the hair. Keep your head when to shampoo, massaging the scalp. This can help your brain get better oxygen intake which can help you concentrate better.

7. Avoid using hair dryer to dry your hair, or use a towel too hard until your hair is too dry. Because it can make your hair ripped from its roots.

8. Reduce consumption of coffee and soda, replace with a fruit smoothie drink rich in vitamin B, such as bananas, strawberries, mangoes and kiwi fruit that intake of vitamin B will multiply. Also excess caffeine in the body will eliminate the backup instead of vitamins B5 and B6. Nuts and wholegrain rich in zinc consumption is also essential to overcome the loss of hair.

9. avoid stress, because it will trigger hair loss. Try getting enough sleep, because sleep deprivation can trigger stress. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. If you're dieting, try not lack protein.

10. Limit the use of chemical or physical treatment of excessive hair. The hair is colored, in-Rebonding, or tied and dried using a hair dryer has been torturing your hair so the hair becomes stressed and more vulnerable.

11. Reduce the use of gels, creams, oils, dyes and hair spray. I recommend that you choose products made from natural materials.

The Information is cited from various sources, may be useful.



10 efficacy of drinking mineral water

. 2009-12-25

Portion of water in our bodies is the dominant, namely 80%. And this is the most important element in our body. In addition to functioning water eliminates thirst, have the efficacy that is important for variety and health. Among them are able to cure diseases. A lot of us, especially the ordinary people do not know the various benefits and important benefits of drinking water with the necessary servings per day. Recommendations from the experts the amount of water should we drink per day for the health of the 8 glasses. If you're too lazy to follow these suggestions, drinking water to relieve thirst only just, or just a drink after eat, I will give some benefits and the benefits that you are motivated to drink more water and adequate regular servings. Consider the following benefits, And these habits/tips are also useful in the summer :

1. For your fertility
Increasing testosterone production in men and estrogen in women. According to the study of basil from a thrombosis research institute in London, England, if someone is always bathed with cold water then circulation and the body feels more fresh and fit. Bath with cold water will increase the production of white blood cells in the body and improve a person's ability to attack the virus.

2. Beauty treatments
If less drinking water, the body will absorb the water content in the skin so the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, water can protect the skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin. To maintain the beauty of anything, even cleaning the body should really be noted, plus a glass of water 8 to 10 glasses a day.

3. facilitate the digestive system
Consume sufficient amounts of water each day will facilitate the digestive system so that we will avoid the gastrointestinal problems like ulcers or constipation. The burning of calories will also be run efficiently.

4. Mineral Water Helps Slow growth substances cause cancer, plus prevent kidney stone disease and heart. Drinking water will make the body more energy.

5. Heart Healthy
Water is also believed to be part cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, Papas tract disease, bowel, and female diseases. Even today quite a lot of alternative medicine that uses water efficacy.

6. As Stroke drug
Hot water not only used to treat various skin diseases, but also effective for treating paralysis, such as stroke. Therefore, the water can help strengthen back muscles and ligaments as well as accelerate the blood circulation system and respiratory system. Effect of heat causes dilation of blood vessels, improving blood circulation and tissue oksigenisasi, thus preventing muscle rigidity, eliminate pain and calming the mind. Content of ions, especially chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulfate in hot water, helps dilation of blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation. Also able to sterilize the water pH of the skin.

7. Relaxation Effect
Try standing in the shower and feel the effect in the body. Shower water that falls into the body feels like a massage and be able to eliminate tiredness because it feels like a massage. Some alternative medicine experts say, that in contact with the water fountain, a walk around the waterfall, or river and park with many fountains, will get benefits of negative ions. Negative ions which arise due to water droplets to collide it can ease the pain, neutralize toxins, combating disease, and helping to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the blood flow will accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues. Not only that if you have muscle tension can be relieved with a warm water bath temperature of about 37 degrees C. As our aching feet are often recommended to soak the feet with warm water mixed with a little salt. Well, if you choose a shower in the bath house and try to enjoy the results. That said, the shower also produce negative ions.

8. Weight Control
Mineral Water is also remove impurities in the body that will more quickly out through the urine. For those who want to deal with any body, drink warm water before eating (which was somewhat satisfied) is one way to reduce the amount of food intake. Moreover, the water does not contain calories, sugars, or fats. However, it is best to drink water at a temperature of medium, not too hot, and not too cold. Want skinny?, Drinking water alone.

9. Your body more fresh
Efficacy of water not only to cleanse the body, but also as a substance that is needed body. We may be able to survive food shortages a few days less than water. Because water is a major part of human body composition.

10. Bdoy balance
Decreased the amount of water in the body, the function of the body organs will also be decreased and more easily disturbed by bacteria, viruses. However, the human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of the incoming water intake and issued. The thirst of every person is a normal mechanism in maintaining the body's water intake. Water the body needs approximately 2-2,5 l (8 - 10 glasses) per day. The amount of this water needs include water intake from food (such as soup, soto), drinks such as milk, tea, coffee, syrup. In addition, water intake was also obtained from the metabolism of food intake and metabolism in the body tissue.

If you are in air-conditioned room, it is recommended to drink more because of the cold air and the body dehydrated. Many drinks will also help the skin does not dry quickly. In the room where the temperature does not remain even advisable to get a drink though not feel thirsty to balance the temperature.

More and more active, the more our body fluid, it means that your body needs more water. Health experts menganjurakan us not to drink only when thirsty alone. The habit of drinking lots of water both feel thirsty or not is good for health, and this is absolutely a requirement if you want to live a healthy life until old age.



Coffee for health benefits

. 2009-12-23

If you are a lover of coffee or tea, there is good news for you. Because recent studies have shown that the habit of drinking coffee or strong tea has health benefits. So, please continue to have a coffee hobby. But also recommended that dont consume it too much, just moderate. The researchers from Australia who has done research, found that consuming coffee or strong tea has the potential to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

"A cup of coffee with a reduced risk equivalent to seven percent," said Rachel Huxley, researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia. Other studies also mentioned the benefits of coffee. In the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, reported that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer. Other studies have also suggested coffee reduce liver disease, Alzheimer's, stroke, and Parkinson.

So far, experts thought that the positive benefits of coffee comes from caffeine, but not just because of that, now the experts also found that other components of these drinks, such as magnesium, lignans, and klorogenat acid, a benefit that is not less important with caffeine. The results of epidemiological studies show a low coffee addicts risk of colon cancer. Based on her research, these components of a positive benefit on blood sugar regulation and insulin release so effective in preventing diabetes.

Coffee, especially the type of arabica and robusta, also contain nutritional components (protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals). Coffee also contains non-nutritional components that are bioactive compounds for improving taste and preservatives, such as caffeine and acid klorogenat. Consumption of caffeine in a normal amount is also advantageous because the use of caffeine can give stimulant effects are temporary and harmless. The effect on the nervous system is to prevent sleep, increase sensory perception, speed of mind (increasing concentration), and reduce boredom or increase resistance to stress.

But returned again to the individual circumstances of each. Many of them are too sensitive to caffeine, so no positive benefits gained but rather the bad effects, for example, body into pounding. But there are many people who consume coffee a day up to 7 cups of even more and no complaints whatsoever. But still recommended by the experts that a safe dose of caffeine per day for consumption is 200 milligrams. Or equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee and tea per day.



Healthy Lifestyle tips for a better life

. 2009-12-20

1. Phisycal Activity

Lack of physical activity is now considered a major factor for heart disease the same thing with high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking. Inactivity has contributed to the large number of deaths than heart disease. Therefore, frequent physical activity by exercising regularly alternate.

2. Healthy Food choices

Poor food choices lead directly to being overweight, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and indirectly affect other issues such as depression and social and economic discomfort. Despite many years of American citizens to follow health education, but on average they earn nearly 40% of their daily calories from fat. Although books, articles, newspapers, television, advised them to reduce the amount of fat to 30 and even 25%. Public confused or surprised by the problems of fat and cholesterol, especially regarding saturated fats and not saturated. They are as unable to understand the importance of nutritional information printed on food boxes, which clearly mention the fat content and cholesterol in foods.

Understanding the importance of nutrition and food choices become increasingly critical as more and more people working, overtime, and depending on the presentation of food is easy and can be taken home or eaten outside. If I had to eat outside, I asked for skim milk instead of soft drinks, and ask for sauce or placed on a separate lane of the dish. Along with healthy food choices, eating habits change is a survival technique for the modern urban warrior. The food is good not accompanied by a lack of exercise, caused at least 300,000 deaths each year. Mostly due to heart disease, and will result in increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

3. Weight Control

Diet to lose weight is a health intervention that not successful. Only 10% of people to reduce 25 pounds or more of the desired weight. What's worse is the fact that most weight loss programs actually lead to obesity. Truth gained from decades of research that diet alone will not help you get a reduction of permanent weight loss. Desertai active life with healthy food choices, and treatment if necessary habit is the answer to weight control for life. Activity to maintain or form without the fat tissue (muscle) which has the capability to burn calories. Diet, without the other, makes muscles shrink and reduce daily caloric expenditure, resulting in increased fat deposits.

4. Handling Stress

Stress is our emotional response to the events experienced. What is believed to be stressful to one person may be an encouragement for others. Sterss handling strategy implies a way to learn effective stress management, how to deal with various sources of stress in modern life. Stress has been linked to heart disease, cancer, ulcers, immune suppression, and other diseases. But do not be because there are difficulties in measuring levels of stress.

What is certain is that you can learn to deal with irritation in the most cheerful other grave threats. Good results obtained if one combines habits change with the stress of weapons control capabilities. Regular activity and not excessive dalah an ideal way to cope with stress because of the way the effective, long-lasting and inexpensive, while providing positive health benefits.

5. Another Important Advice

The last category of healthy habits that I want to explain is that parktik prevention habits according to age, sex, condition, and history of your keluraga. Prevention includes vaccination and prevention techniques other recognized, such as checking blood pressure and cholesterol, mammography and glaucoma tests and prostate cancer. The fact is you are responsible for your own health, not your doctor.

Combine personal responsibility and prevention with early detection test, and you have a cost-effective strategy for survival. Strategy is cost effective because prevention is always cheaper than treatment, because you take advantage of low cost, and because you did not often see a doctor. If your company has a comprehensive welfare program, use it! If not, create your own program because you are responsible for your health.



7 Healthy Habits

. 2009-12-17

Active life is a magnet that attract a number of habits that viewed one by one is too simple to assess. However, collectively, these habits is the main hope for the sake of personal health and vitaitas and even for the integrity of the nation's health surveillance system. Most habits are reminiscent of our mother's reprimand. a few years ago, researchers at the laboratory on human population california department of health published a habit related to health and longevity (Breslow & Enstrom, 1980)

List includes :

- Exercising regularly
- enough sleep
- good breakfast
- eat regularly
- weight control
- free of cigarette and drug
- moderate alcohol consumption (or not at all)

These studies prove the men can add as many as 11 years of age and women just as much as 7 years to run on 7 of the habit.

on the next post I will explain that seven habits.



Choosing a Healthy Way of Life

. 2009-12-16

You come to a crossroads: one road shows signs - traffic signs, while the other shows are rarely skipped or severe terrain. One way down the hill, the route is not heavy, while others slowly - land uphill. Would you be seduced by the easy route or motivated by the upward path with a beautiful view of the above? Unfortunately most people choose the easy road and consequently we lose our identity as a strong person. Along the way we've become a fat nation in the world, surrounded by chronic fatigue, depression, heart disease and lung, cancer and diabetes. My little advice to fitness for a healthy life, choose the hard way (the road less traveled), because this will change your life.

Which road less traveled? simple, is an active life, a way of life based on regular physical activity and a set of related habits, including healthy food choices, weight control, prevention sterss, free from cigarettes and drugs, moderate alcohol consumption, attention to safety, and prevention of disease. This is the way of individuals who not only leads to health, strength, vitality, but also respect for self and control over your destiny. Set of habits related to health have been proved to be a profound paradox in our society, it is easy to understand but difficult to implement.

Active life is the life that most people lived before humans reached the profit industrial modernization, technological developments, tools that reduce the labor unions, television, and computers. the findings of this extraordinary now allows us to reduce the daily energy expenditure by using the keys, keystroke, and the voice command to meet the demands of life, work and entertainment. Parallel with the decrease in the need to remove enregi is increased consumption of fat, easy, and fast food. Chemists find that we can add hydrogen into the oil vegetable oil to last a long time, using palm and coconut oil are cheap as any other substitute materials, and provide our demands will be fast food and rush. separately, decreased activity and increased food consumption may not be a problem. But, if combined, as in years today, raises the potential for epidemic disease caused by the way we live. fortunately, these habits can be changed. Now depends on your self that will change.



routine ejaculation prevent prostate cancer

. 2009-12-11

Prostate cancer generally affects men over the age of 50 years. but rarely suffered in men aged 45 years or under, except if you have inherited or are descended from the disease. Effective way to counter this is actually a healthy lifestyle, diligent exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods. The main causes of prostate cancer was used until now remained a mystery. There is a powerful myth that is believed to also prevent prostate cancer is often or increase the frequency of sexual intercourse, it is still controversial but many scientists who advocate this.

Many of the doctors argue, men who exercise regularly have a body fit alias and regular sexual intercourse will reduce the possibility of prostate cancer. The experts who agree with this also will create a channel ejaculate expenditure in the penis is not clogged.

A study published in The British Journal of Urology found that sexual activity of males between the ages of 50 years can provide protection from this disease. "This is due to release of toxins that accumulate during sexual activity can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in the region," said Polyxeni Dimitropoulou who led the study. However, it needs further study.



Oral Health Care Tips and Dental

. 2009-12-09

Smile is the radiance of a combination of face, eyes and teeth. Will look more perfect if the smile is combined with shining white teeth. But many Indonesian people to ignore their dental health. And many of them are smokers. Lack of public attention on the health of their teeth is something that should not be taken lightly. Because the pain suffered by a person's teeth are usually caused by a lack of awareness for oral health care and dental.

Oral Health Care Tips and Dental :

1. Get used to brushing your teeth after breakfast !

Culture in my country, Indonesia, parents taught us from childhood that brushing our teeth in the shower when take a bath. Actually, these customs are all wrong. The correct timing brushing our teeth is when after breakfast.

2. Rinse in the morning when you wake up

on waking, your mouth it was sour. But that does not mean you should brush your teeth straight at the shower because you can not stand the taste acid. Just rinse it real, if necessary, using special liquid mouthwash products. The right time you brush your teeth in the morning is just after breakfast. So that no food remains stuck, and your mouth feels comfortable when conducting activities.

3. Brush your teeth three times a day

After lunch, you also have to brushing your teeth again, because the food is attached to the teeth should be cleaned. Foods that stick more than 3 hours can cause cavities. Likewise after supper, at night when there was still some stuck food will cause cavities because the rest will be settled at the mouth longer. Make a habit of brushing teeth before bed.

4. Go to the Dentist

Although the three tips above have been done, it would be nice if you also occasionally mouth and teeth checked by a doctor. This is to anticipate if something wrong happen with your teeth.

How to Brush Teeth Properly :

1. Brushing teeth with the brush part in facing the lips / out, start moving from the gums and teeth on down and take it up. This movement is done 8-10 times.
2. Brushing with facing the cheek, brushing your teeth with a play from the gums to the teeth left and right cheek.
3. Brushing teeth and lower jaw with the grub style.
4. Brushing the upper jaw with the brush from top to bottom.
5. Brushing the whle teeth with patient and meticulous.

Another Dental care tips.


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Summer health tips -- The Right Drink if Thirsty

. 2009-12-06

On hot days, both during the dry season in Indonesia and during the summer in the countries of the four seasons, we need to drink much more, three to four times more than the need to drink on a normal day! When the normal temperature, an adult is recommended to drink about 1 ½ liters per day. That means the total every day about 6 cups (1 cup = ¼ liters). For children from the age of 2 years is recommended to drink approximately one liter per day.

Beverage thirst release should not be too cold. Ice-cold beverages to satisfy thirst is only a little while, it causes a lot of sweat and increase can cause stomach complaints. The people in hot countries - from Turkey to Morocco - have a good tips for hot days: they drank some hot tea! Thus, their bodies begin to sweat a little which makes the body a little more cool, without burdening the process of circulation in the body.

Beverage release of thirst should not drink alcoholic group, also should not drink sweet drinks. Beer and his colleagues make a tired, sleepy and just treat the thirst for a little while. For those who have reached the maximum weight or even overweight, keep in mind that the syrup (lime) is the "bomb" calories.

Release is the ideal thirst mineral water, tea from a variety of plants (german: Kraeutertee) and of fruit, or fruit and vegetable juices are diluted because the drinks are low in calories, contain enough minerals to replace mineral salts lost through the body sweating. Vegetable juice, carrot juice but, because the composition of matter content, should not be drunk pure, but diluted first - for example a quarter - with carrot juice. Cucumber (cucumber) and watermelons have the effect of cooling the body. Cucumber have properties which can withstand temperatures that would be lower around 20 degrees Celsius compared to temperatures outside on hot days!

Therefore in some hot countries such as India and the Middle Eastern population have for centuries eaten fresh cucumber as a natural conditioning ingredients. Extract from the other vegetables that can be utilized during the summer is celery (celery family), because celery can replace sodium minerals lost during sweating body. Celery juice is also efficacious eliminate headaches. Like other vegetable juice, celery juice should be diluted before drinking. Fruit or vegetable juice mixture will feel more refreshed when mixed with mineral water containing carbon dioxide (CO2) and are presented plus a few ice cubes, so that the temperature is low enough drinks, but not cold.



First Kiss Tips

. 2009-12-04

The first kiss is the most memorable and very touching. Although for teenagers ever felt a kiss from the people he knew before. For example a kiss from his mother, father, grandmother, sister, etc. but the first kiss from a lover will give a new experience extraordinary, who never felt before. For the first experience, the first kiss of the lover it is very difficult to express in words. Heart becomes pounding, cheeks flushed. Shame, sadness, pleasure, a little-bit frightened mixed into one. A kiss on the dating process will be able to strengthen their relationship. Its happened to me when i was still in Senior high school.

Sometimes for the women's first kiss make her all embarrassed. Lingering in front of the mirror timid there are parts missing, or perhaps feeling there may be used around a kiss on the cheek or the lips of her lover that he can take and store in memory.

The first kiss from a lover can give a strong impression in growing the seeds of love among us. Since this is the first experience and a very sensitive thing you need to be careful in doing so. Make the first kiss to be a good first impression. To get a good impression. try See below :

Choose the best place to kiss. The beautiful natural scenery in the beautiful scenery, or to another place which is expected to create a romantic atmosphere, such as theme parks, attractions, etc. Take the opportunity to focus on each other, and let the natural atmosphere together with a feeling. Romantic atmosphere can be an inspiration to try out the desire to love and kisses. Try it by giving a good impression in front of your boy/girlfriend then do first kiss. The best way is slowly and gently. Kiss the genuine feeling that shows that you love her.

The importance of preparations. When you are sure to be fragrant breath and your lips are not dry position. You may also be helped by eating candy that contains mint. I hope you should avoid fried foods contain - fried fish and garlic before making your first kiss. Just think yourself, if your mouth smells like a bad smell to your soap couples, As a result it would be a chaos !

Do not do Frech Kiss at first. Because in the beginning, the first kiss is the first time, should I suggest to avoid the French Kiss. Because of the way French Kiss is very hard to do at the beginning of kissing.

Do not in hurry when kissing. You do not have to ask permission first when he wanted to kiss, but you should find the time to lean back and face to face, such as eye contact and leaning his head anda.Pelajarilah your partner's body language, whether he/she's ready to be kissed.

Dont Nervous ! calm yourself, do not be nervous when first kiss. Since it was a lot of people doing this. Therefore, take the time to take steps at that time .

Give the best impression on the lover before the first kiss. Welcome your lover with a smile, and try to give hospitality to express it all handshake or hug a lover. Thus, if you want to share joy of your lover.

It all depends on the condition and mood. Do not expect more when one partner is not ready. Because it will affect your relationship and appeared uncomfortable effects. I hope my first kiss tips is work. Oke guys.. Good Luck.



Skin Care Tips to Keep Shining

. 2009-12-03

The skin is our body parts in direct contact with everything outside the body, such as weather, sunlight or other. And our skin is the first thing have seen, when we begin to experience aging. So naturally we should be doing maintenance on skin health. Here i say a few beauty tips on skin care :
Sun Protection - Sun has a major role in damaging the skin's beauty. You need to protect the skin from the sun with skin products to prevent aging of the skin. The sun was very influential in the health of skin, wrinkled skin, dry, and make the skin color changes; Spacing skin, skin texture, skin thinning and skin diseases associated with exposure to sunlight can make your skin look much older. So start protecting the health of skin with cream beauty products with sun protection.

Avoid smoking - these tips especially for men, because the population of the world's largest smokers are male. Smoking not only causes lung cancer, but also can make health beauty faded and wrinkled skin. According to some studies there is strong suspicion that the nicotine contained in cigarettes have the same effect as elastin in the sun.

Exercising - As we getting old, it is impossible to hide the signs of aging skin beneath. Neck, cheeks and corner of the eye is part of the most beautiful skin easily visible as you get older parents. By improving the appearance of skin, we must balance between diet and exercise regularly. But you also should be diligent in drinking water, at least eight to ten glasses each day. And i have secret information that water is life!

Smile has Magic benefits - faces we tend to adjust the position of the expression that we take all the time. If you are more often sullen or angry, your skin would be more likely to quickly creased, especially in the areas of eye, lip lines and corners or other lines that follow the scowling expression. A smile can create wonders for your skin beauty and youth are making. So be quick to avoid the old, you need to do is smile more.

Skin Care - Caring for skin is very important. You should immediately wash the face every time after out in the sun. Rub skin with beauty products or peeling skin products on a regular basis, at least 2 times a week, will help lift the skin cells die and the dirt, so the skin can breathe freer and brighter.

Sleep Position - Sleeping with tummy can cause wrinkles. Also avoid sleeping with a fixed position throughout the night, this can cause your skin wrinkle. And you need to sleep at least 8 hours every day. I also have tips for insomnia.



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