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Want to Move? Use the Service of Moving Company

. 2010-11-12

Next day, you want to move from your old location to the new one. But, you still live in New York. It will be the hard thing for you to manage all of your moving activities. You will not be able to move all of the heavy equipments in your home, such as the chair, table, wardrobe, and many other home types of equipment. To handle your moving, you may need the moving company. Nowadays, the moving company will help you to move all of your equipments to your new home. If you live in the New York, you may be able to ask the moving help from the New York moving companies.

As the New York movers, you would be helped by the moving company of New York. It is also for the people who have moving to New York. So, they will use the service of New York International Movers Company. Do you still doubt with the service? Well, you should not be doubt because it is the international company. Many people have proven the service of this international moving company. Your moving will be so fast and you should not wait for longer time to enjoy your new home in New York.



Beautiful paradise in meladevh

. 2010-10-27

Do you just married and confused where to spend your honey moon with your wife? Try to look on You can found many beautiful places in that website. You can spend your holiday or your honeymoon in place that the website chooses for you. You can pick to stay at Myrtle Beach hotel. There, you will get the best services from hotel. You can have a deal with them if you want to spend your vacation in Myrtle Beach hotel. They will give you great option, so you will never feel disappoint to choose it.

After you have Myrtle Beach vacation deals, you can enjoy all the facilities in Myrtle Beach hotel as you want. It won’t ever disappoint you, because in meladevh you will saw many beautiful views and you will have the most beautiful vacations there. It isn’t wrong if this place be the choice for the tourists to spend their vacation. Within the blue beautiful ocean, gorgeous views, and comfortable hotel, this place will make you like in paradise and you can forget about all the business and crowded in your city. Just prepare your bags, make the deals, and you will in paradise for your holiday or your honeymoon.



Notebook review

. 2010-10-11

It is important that you unfold notebook reviews before buying a chronicle. There are myraids of notebook available mastery market besides it becomes toilsome for a general user to conclude which one to buy.

There are variations on models besides variation sway stow away sizes. The ones adumbrate current notebooks are further expensive ones. If you want to buy a garish notebook, you should elevate to comply sole which does not has existing journal. There are several makes to swarm from. The crowing notebooks at affordable prices passable come from Sony Viao. The disposition of the notebooks is skilled besides word is crave. live is not awesome that that frequent manufacturers envy sony.

Besides sony, expert are unequal manufacturers that produce decent notebooks. The creation is one of them. However, globe computers are gate intensely expensive and present does not make sense to spend that big capital when cheaper alternatives are available.

All this leads to the tide that you should buy a logbook which is not singular less expensive but besides permanent. declaiming a daybook review, before buying isolated goes a enthusiasm way in ensuring that you buy superlative seeing the finance you spend out.

There are many contra distinctive ideal models that you may and suppose. The HP again Acer are two of these besides many other name. There is a biting rap session between the diary manufacturers has led to hiemal payment undercutting and poor habit has taken a submerged nosedive sequential this. How can we ensure that the item we are buying is valid also good prestige quality – only by rendering the hash over by some veritable square one. Starred Reviews manage to you some veritable reviews not lone about the notebooks but again about many of the commonly used items in casual avail. For as much as the cool house to rack up is to seek at starred reviews what item are you agility to buy, before you largely buy into them.

Once you find the aspect you should delve into through that thing not express on alone suburb but on varied other sites that lists that element and has the reviews generated by perceptive plebeians over actually seeing the users who have all told used those items. And you gem that finished are issues relatives have found with these – effectuate not fluctuate not to buy that particular item.

This simple process ensures that highly of your purchases eventually procure enlargement now a souped up grip. You consign be forming less phenomenon further bequeath be more witting imprint your predictions.



Healthy food for your brain, it's Fish !

. 2010-09-29

Here a little health tips for your brain. Perhaps you've heard stories about good food for the brain, that is fish, which were able to reduce the risk of heart disease or even reduce the growth of breast cancer for the sufferer, and efficacy of these foods caused by the fish contain a lot of fat that is useful to the body. Maybe you are not too familiar with this type of fat, omega-3 fatty acids, which was also efficacious for preventing depression.

A government researcher who has long studied the habits of eating fish from people all over the world concludes that more fish consumption, the smaller they are also exposed to the risk of depression. This sounds like drifting away from previous research purposes, but the results of other studies also showed evidence that people with depression tend to have high levels of omega-3 fats are low in the blood.

Researchers are actually not completely sure of this, but they agree that the best conclusion is to the constituent layers of fat in the brain consisting of omega-3.

It would gives another good news, fatty fish a lot of people's favorite, like the Salem & Tuna fish, for example, had higher levels of omega-3 high. Eating fish from the types that are expected to improve one's mood.



Creed - One Last Breath lyric and video

. 2010-09-02

Please come now I think I'm falling
I'm holding to all I think is safe
It seems I found the road to nowhere
And I'm trying to escape
I yelled back when I heard thunder
But I'm down to one last breath
And with it let me say
Let me say

Hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking
That maybe six feet
Ain't so far down

I'm looking down now that it's over
Reflecting on all of my mistakes
I thought I found the road to somewhere
Somewhere in His grace
I cried out heaven save me
But I'm down to one last breath
And with it let me say
Let me say

Hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking
That maybe six feet
Ain't so far down

Sad eyes follow me
But I still believe there's something left for me
So please come stay with me
'Cause I still believe there's something left for you and me
For you and me
For you and me

Hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking



Tips Mencari Kos kosan

. 2010-08-21

Pertama, Perhatikan lingkungannya, nyaman atau tidak, bersih enggak, aman atau tidak, biasanya klo buat temen-temen yang nyari kos-kosan yang bebas nyari rumah kos yang lingkungannya cuek seperti daerah perkotaan, daerah kampus, karena biasanya kalo daerah perkampungan kos-kosannya terlalu dipantau oleh masyarakat sekitar jadi kadang-kadang agak risih juga, apalagi kalo mau pacaran di kos namun biasanya kos-kosan yang aman sebenarnya kos-kosan sering dipantau masyarakat, tapi semuanya relatif, paling efektif cari rumah kos yang deket kalo mau kemana-mana kekampus or tempat kerja deket, mau cari makan deket, hiburan deket contohnya kalo di Jogja daerah Babarsari/Seturan/Dukuhwaluh, saranku pilih yang paling nyaman dan juga aman.

Kedua, Perhatikan pemilik/penjaga kos dan penghuninya, biasanya ada kos2an yang dijaga ada juga yang ditinggal atau cuman sesekali di kunjungin ama yang punya apalagi kalo mau nagih kos2an, tergantung kita bisa koperatif atau gak sama mereka kalo kita pinter cari muka maka mereka gampang dijinakan, apalagi kalo cuman penjaga kos sering2 dibeliin nasi kucing ma rokok aja dah jinak dia, kemudian penghuninya/ atau sesama penghuni kosnya, biasanya kalo mahasiswa sih nyari temen kosnya sama2 mahasiswa juga, tapi di kos2an yang byk karyawannya juga bisa asik kok kalo kita pinter bergaul, kalo cowok mungkin gak terlalu mempermasalhkn masalah penghuni, tapi kalo cewe biasanya nyari tmn satu kosnya yang gak rese dan gak terlalu ngurusin(ngopenin) intinya sih kalo bisa cari kos-kosan yang penjaganya sama penghuninya gak rese dan cerewet.

Ketiga, Perhatikan peraturan dan fasilitas kos-kosan, ini paling penting buat diperhatikan sebelum nyari kos-kosan, kalo kalian yang mau lebih private cari kos2an yang kamar mandinya didalam kamar, kalo yang gak terlalu mempermasalahkan kamar mandi yang berada diluar juga gak masalah, namun kalo mau cari kos-kosan yang kamar mandi diluar cek dulu keadaan kamar mandinya, biasanya ada yang gak betah sama kamar mandi yang jorok kan ini penting buat di cek, kalo ada pembantu yang ngebersihin sih enak, kalo jadwal piket ane gak jamin dah, kecuali kos-kosan cewe baru pada rajin piket bersihin kamar mandi, kemudian dilihat juga ada dapur bersama atau gak kalo juragan biasanya masak carinya yang ada dapunya, biasanya kalo ada dapur tinggal tombokan beli gas 3kg tergantung aturan, bahkan kadang ada kulkas bersama juga, kemudian yang perlu di perhatikan agan bawa kendaraannya apa mobil tau motor, kalo buat motor biasanya gak terlalu bermasalah, yang bawa mobil nih harus cek juga tempat parkirnya memungkinkan atau gak, aman atau gak, kemudian masalah peraturannya, jangan lupa tanya kosnya biasanya di tutup jam berapa, kunci pagar di pegang masing2 atau gak, biasanya buat para juragan yang sering keluar malam a.k.a dugem nyarinya yang 24jam atau kalo yang ditutup, megang kunci pager kos2an masing2, terus yang perlu ditanyain jam bertamu cewek/cowoknya sampe jam berapa, terkadang ada juga aturan kalo lawan jenis gak boleh masuk kamar, ini juga perlu di tanyain gan. Intinya kalo bisa cari kos-kosan yang gak mempersulit aktifitas, dan tidak membatasi ruang gerak kita.

Keempat, Perhatikan suasana dan posisi kamar kos, kalo ini relatif sih, biasanya kan kamar kos2an ada yang suasananya nyaman damai ada juga yang angker nah kalo bisa sih kita pas masuk ke kos2an yang suasananya nyaman damai kalo perasaan kita gak enak atau keliatan angker pikir2 lagi aja, soalnya kalo kos2an yang byk setannya bikin kita males2an, terutama males ibadah, belum lagi kalo ketemu or liat yang aneh2 bikin gak betah kan, kemudian posisi kamar biasanya kamar kos kalo posisinya dilantai 2 suhunya panas, gerah tapi kalo plafonnya 2m lebih tingginya suhunya gak begitu panas jgn lupa juga liat posisi matahari, dulu ane pernah dapet kos2an yang menghadap timur lantai 2 jadi kalo matahari terbit pagi2 enak banget seger, kalo pingin yang sejuk cari posisi kamar yang gak kena matahari langsung tapi jangan yang lembab juga, kalo buat yang cari kosan kamar mandi luar dan sering beser atau sering melakukan kegiatan di kamar mandi cari posisi kamar paling deket kamar mandi, liat juga kira2 kalo pacaran dikos, byk yang seliweran depan kamar ato gak, kan gak enak kalo lagi asik2 pacaran orang lalu lalang depan kamar intinya sih cari posisi yang paling pas mantap.

Kelima. Jangan lupa ditanyakan dulu harga kos2san yang lagi di survey, apakah sudah pas dengan budget yang temen temen punya, atau kalo lebih tinggi dari batas budget maks, call nyokap bokap bisa gak ditambahin lagi budget buat kosnya. Masalahnya ini penting, gak mau kan ente udah nge kos ditempat bagus tapi mbayarnya telat sampe bolak balik ditagih bu kos. Terus jangan pernag sekali kali ngibulin orang tua dengan meng mark up tarif kos kosan. Bilangnya 2,5jt per thn tapi sebenernya cuma 2jt. Percaya deh, kalo nyoba-nyoba gitu suatu saat ente pasti kena sialnya sendiri.

by farmlivelihood (kaskuser)



Be careful from keylogger

. 2010-08-12

As we know that keylogger is an installed machine or software in the computer to write down all of activities when the keyboard was working secretly. Anything that you type or write using keyboard will be displayed and saved in the keylogger. Bad function of keylogger is to steal the password and username or even credit card number. Keylogger also completed with a tool to send the stolen data to an email address. Good function of keylogger is to back up your data. For example, your software is not responding suddenly when you are typing something at your computer then your data might be lost. Not all of software has auto recovery data like Microsoft word. Even on the Ms. Word, some data is missing. If you use keylogger, you can take your data back on the keylogger directory. Keylogger can be detected by Norton Antivirus. But there are several keylogger that can be detected by antivirus.

There is no 100% guarantee that your computer will be free from keylogger software. Deepfreeze and Norton Goback can be used to reduce and temporarily removed the keylogger. But those engines can be used after the keylogger is activated. More about keylogger, click here.



Kuliah Kerja Nyata

. 2010-07-27

kuliah kerja nyataSudah satu minggu mengikuti salah satu proses prosedural untuk menyelesaikan studi di kampus. 3 Sks yang bener bener makan tenaga dan pikiran, duit juga. Dan sudah memang komitmen, mau gak mau kudu dijalani setulus hati sehalus bulu kuduk ya ga? Mana ada yang mau menyesali keputusan sendiri, sesal itu jangan dipendam, tapi dipoles biar jadi memori indah. KKN memang asik, kalo kalo kamu bisa enjoy sama new environment km sendiri. Baik kelompok dan warga sekitar. Jangan sekali kali meremehkan program kuliah tersebut, justru program itu lah nyawa dari pendidikan kamu dijenjang sarjana. Tadinya sempet ill feel sama yang satu ini, karena memang dipikir pikir gak logis dan kurang ada korelasi ny sama pendidikan yang pendi tempuh. "Akuntansi kok KKN nya di SD? Gak ngajar lagi... trus ngapain? Mending KP aja yang diwajibkan jangan KKN"

U know? Diluar sono banyak mahasiswa/mahasiswi yang memang mereka 'pinter'. Tanda kutip. Pinter gara gara makan buku terus. Ipk melambung tinggi, meroket ngalahin satelit palapa. Gak tanggung2 ditempatku gak sedikit yang diatas 3,8. Beasiswa ngalir terus (padahal ya orang punya fulus) malahan sampe ada yang bikin status di pesbuk "Duh... dapet beasiswa HP nya mau ganti apa ya??"

Tu status ga jadi masalah si, yg aku kecewain banyak jenis pelajar kaya gini yang justru diluar kampus tu malah jadi kaya orang bego ! Sekali lagi komunikasi. Pelajar kaya gini cuma dapet kebanggaan sebatas dikampus/dikelas saja, tp diluar..? Bukan siapa-siapa. Jelas gak mau kan ya generasi muda Indonesia banyak yang begitu, maka dari itu peran KKN adalah salah satu cara yang paling saklek buat pelajar kampus ngasah skill komunikasi itu, langsung nyemplung ke masyarakat. Tapi skill komunikasi disini bukan sekedar skill yang biasa kita jumpai dikelas, melainkan ada bumbu-bumbu pengakraban diri dan unggah ungguh. Itu yang sulit bro....

Next.. Cinlok??? Upss, satu ini jadi momok yang paling sering terjadi di setiap kkn, jangan salah yang gak ada kepikiran mau selingkuh tiba-tiba muncul ide-ide nakal untuk mendua. Yang udah pernah kkn pasti tau seperti apa ini bentuknya. Kalo di depan temen temen sih iya, gayanya sok gak kenal dan gak care, tapi kalo udah misah atau diluar kerja ya saling akrab banget di HP sms an gt. Ini terjadi di KKN ku sob.. Cuma aku satu satu nya orang yang tau rahasia mereka. hahaha. Ada dua pasang yang cinlok. Lucu juga liat ekspresi innocent mereka pas lagi kerja. Eh, ada dua pasang dink yang cinlok. Parah bener deh anak itu, yang bawa mobil. Pedekate sama temen ane coyy! Padahal ya temenku itu udah tau kalo dia dah punya gebetan. Ya tetep mau aja di gombalin + dilomboni! Ekspresinya tiap kali diajak jalan/diperhatiin/digombalin, beuuuhh... lebay nya minta ampun deh. Berkali kali uda kasih masukan biar jangan terlalu berharap dan membumbung tinggi, eh..malah menjadi jadi. Takutnya kan dia jadi dapet predikat "cew perebut" gitu. Tapi terserah lah. Yang penting udah kasih saran. Si cowo nya ya juga maniak. hhmmm



PARE KEDIRI VS KKN !! Udah basi untuk dibahas sebenernya

. 2010-07-24

One more time, two options that absolutely fucking hard to choose. Aje gile, sebenernya bercampur emosi dan keihklasan demi orang tua. Inilah, saya benci kalo suruh ngambil keputusan yang sangkut paut alias ada konflik antara kemauan sendiri dengan petuah/perintah orang tua. Keputusan memilih apakah kudu ngambil KKN atau berangkat belajar bahasa Inggris di desa Pare Kediri. Keinginanku dari dulu sebelum jauh jauh hari Semester Pendek ini niatnya ambil liburan buat belajar bahasa Inggris ke desa Pare itu. Lagian juga dulu info nya dari kampus untuk Semester pendek berikutnya tidak ada dan tidak boleh mengambil program KKN !! Jelas dan tegas. Maka dari itu pendi memutuskan untuk positif berangkat ke Pare. Rencana ini udah mateng sampe gosong ngrencanainnya dari dulu..! Udah didukung juga sama ortu liburan SP ini dipake buat kesana.

Eh..... ternyata ! lagi-lagi kampusku emang kaya SETANN!! Tiba - tiba setelah selesai UAS smester 6 masuk ke SP, Diumumkan SP bisa mengambil program KKN !! What the hell ??!!

Kenapa aku emosi??? Jelas aja, ini gak pertama kalinya kampus ane tidak komitmen sama rule dan birokrasi nya! Itu satu. Kedua, jelas ibu saya tau kalo SP ada KKN dan sayapun harus mengambil KKN biar kuliah bisa ngebut cepet selesai (hemat pengeluaran maksudnya) padahal belum ada keinginan untuk ambil ini, niatnya diambil semester 7 . Ketiga, rencana belajar bahasa Inggris ke Pare udah jadi resolusi ku di tahun 2010 yang banget banget pengen direalisasikan, karena cuma waktu liburan SP ini satu satunya ada waktu dan kesempatan (mumpung masih status mahasiswa). Ketiga, udah terlanjur booking kursusan di Pare sono, dan mau gak mau harus dibatalin. Keempat, Nggak enak juga sama temen yang udah ngrencanain mau berangkat bareng dari Jogja. Muaangggkkeelll tenan janee.... (bukan sama ortu, TAPI KAMPUS!)

Konflik : PARE atau KKN ?

Allright, my priority is still my family... What they said is what I should do. Why? I am not child anymore. Really childish if I took decision only depend my ego. Got it?
Finally, Saya putuskan juga akhirnya Semester Pendek ini ambil KKN ! I only could say, All is well. Any decision I take is a grace of God that should be grateful. And believe there is always a good side. :)

Jadi kuubah semua program rencana jangka pendek menengah dan panjang pribadiku. Jalani aja, tapi gas sedikit dikencengin... 80km/jam kira - kira. Biar nggak ketinggalan. Alias ikut arus "lulus tepat waktu". Lulus harus dipercepat! sounds cool huh? Dan tantangan berikutnya jelas semester 7 adalah Skripsi. Sama sekali belum ada persiapan kesitu padahal. Kemudian apa yang terjadi nanti? Biarlah menjadi misteri dulu... Oke coy?!



Online Tutors Helps You to Achieve Your Target

. 2010-07-11

Are you going to college this year? If so, you must need help to get there, right? You know, it is better if you take advantage from online tutor and some other resources. With the tutor beside you, you can improve your grade, you can alsoget an intensive assistance, you can boost your interest level and confidence and also you can learn to manage your time well for sure. You should know that both of chemistry problems and physics problems are not easy subjects. That is why you will need online tutor to increase your GPA. Again, a tutor is really able to make even a little difference for students.

Online tutor is really cheaper than any other offers. Also, you can get the unlimited service you want when you pay for the unlimited monthly tutoring package. You see, you can obtain all of the chemistry answers and physic answers you want. For information, you can try a free demo provided to be sure that you already decided the right one. In addition, when you choose online tutoring, you can get their service for 24 hours a day. You see, they can assist you anytime you need. Moreover, you can also find physics problem solver easily there, so that all of physic problems will be much easier to be finished.

Furthermore, with online tutoring you can apply k 12 education system well. K 12 is really a good innovative way to teach student which teacher always follow what student want. So, the teacher will give individual attention to the student. Online tutoring is not only provide you with online teaching but also the assigment help. So you can avail your chemistry help and physics help from those tutors.



Video Ariel vs BCL (Bunga Citra Lestari)

. 2010-07-01

Makin marak aja video porno nya ariel. Setelah sebelumnya dikabarkan ariel vs Luna MaNyun, terus Ariel vs Cut Tari (burik), yang kedua video tersebut memang benar adanya. Gak perlu disangkal lagi deh, terserah apa mau kata pakar - pakar TI atau video editing, itu video udah nampak asli banget dimata masyarakat (yang udah ngliat, kalo belum ya silahkan cari sendiri). Eh, malah sekarang beredar lagi video porno Ariel dengan BCL (Bunga Citra Lestari) yang katanya sudah beredar dalam bentuk kepingan VCD dan DVD di Manado. Padahal juga sebelumnya untuk video part 3 bang "Ariel peterporn" digosipkan bersama Aura Kasih !! Wah, gila aje tu donjuan bisa menikmati tubuh mantanku.

Sekarang part 3 justru digosipkan partner mainnya adalah BCL. Itu yang lagi hot televisi maupun dunia maya seperti di forum-forum. Sampai sekarang pun polisi setempat di Manado sedang menyelidiki keberadaaan dan kebenaran video tersebut yang sudah beredar di pasaran. Hebat nya lagi harga per keping VCD tersebut dijual Rp 400.000. Wooowww....!
Untuk para netter sekalian yang sudah mengunjungi blog pendi gak usah ngluarin duit segitu banyak, mending buat makan bakso + modal pacaran. Gak usah banyak cing cong lah ya... cap cus saja dicek ni video nya ariel vs bcl :

kalo mau versi xxx nya silahkan kontak aja orang Manado sono. :D



Drug Rehabilitation Center

. 2010-06-28

Today, the drugs are being the big problems all around the world. Well, drugs are the big problems of this life because the drugs will affect the people life. The life would be worse and worse day and day. The worse in the life will make the people alive freak. So, they should be healed from the drug addict. How can? Okay, the drug rehab is the way for the drug users to heal them from the drug bad affect. In the rehabilitation, they will get the drug treatment with many methods so that they can be healed from the drugs. Drugs should be avoided from the human activities because of its bad affects.

One of the friends of drugs is alcohol. It has the bad affects, too. So, when you feel you are addicted with alcohol, you should have the alcohol rehab so that you will get the alcohol treatment. Alcohol is addicted if you often consume it many times. So, you should be far from alcohol if you do not want to be addicted by the alcohol. So, you must not go to the alcohol treatment center and you have the good life style. Therefore, your alive will be free from the drugs and alcohol so that you are healthy every day.



Food Court UGM (tempat nongkrong asik sore - sore di Jogja)

. 2010-06-15

Waahh, akhirnya posting lagi pake bahasa sendiri, bahasa INDONESIA !! Setelah sekian bulan blog ini selalu diposting pake bhs Inggris. Maklumlah, ngormatin advertiser belajar profesional (sok bener ya) hehe.. Alibi aja saya males posting. Tapi emang bener harus diposting pake bahasa Indo neh kek nya. Masalahnya bener gak kuat juga buat ngangkat traffic kalo post kebanyakan bhs Inggris dan sedikit indo nya. Gak tau kenapa, padahal ya PR dah lumayan. Berat juga mungkin ya saingan sama keyword luar negeri. Maklumlah masih nyubi bidang SEO.

Langsung ke topik aja ya. Sekarang pendi mau sharing2 masalah tempat nongkrong yang asik di Jogja. Berhubung pendi kuliah di JOgja dan juga termasuk anak nongkrong, jadi ngerasa ada kewajiban kudu share juga masalah ginian.

"FOOD COURT UGM" Apakah sudah ada yang pernah dengar nama tempat itu? Kalo anak UGM ya jelas udah.. kebangeten kalo belum :D. Pendi juga yakin gak cuma anak UGM yang tau kok, tempatnya kan cukup strategis. Disebelah Utara persis Bundaran UGM, masuk aja sebelum pos satpam belok kiri, posisinya sebelah Radio Swaragama persis.

Buat yang dari luar Jogja alias pendatang baru kalo agak bingung, bisa tanyain aja langsung ke satpam di Bundaran UGM. Tempatnya asik lho, ada fasilitas free HOtspot. Makanan lengkap, dari siomay, bakso, miAyam, soto, sate, batagor, nasgor, gado gado, lotek dll. Makanan kecil-sedang-besar semua ada, ampe angkringan jg ada. Gak sah takut kalo bawa duit pas-pasan, toh masi ada sega kucing. Tips saya, Misal pengen pesen yang agak banyakan dikit, nge Bon jg bisa kok. Asal HP km jadi jaminan. hehe... Saran ini jangan ditiru ya. :D Kecuali kalo kamu emang gak malu si ga masalah. Tapi beneran kok harganya mahasiswa bangett.

Ini tempat yang jelas cocok banget buat nongkrong sore-sore, daripada bengong gak jelas di kosan, sumuk, bete?? mending kesini. Recommended banget ni tempat buat ngilangin itu semua. Oia, Minuman ES nya juga lengkap punya! banget! Kebanyakan jual Es doger, es buah, es teler, Es jus, es Cendol, esEmEs (eh..bukan) Lah pokoknya banyak, lupa saya.

Nah, itu es teler yang lagi ane makan :D . Cukup 4rb rufiah dah dapet semangkok penuh. Tapi kadang lain harga stan satu dengan yang lainnya. Biasanya kalo buahnya lebih banyak lebih mahal. Langganan ane yang didepan mini panggung persis, jualan es paling lengkap dan rasanya mantap harga Top. Stan nya ini yang paling kanan di pic, yg ad ank pake baju kuning :

Saranku kalo beli es si disitu. :D
Coba tebak Itu ada 2 orang sama-sama cowo lagi pacaran gak??!
Gak lah... enak aja, mereka sodaraku. Tapi gak tau kalo diluar. ahaha...

Sang tersangka lagi menikmati segarnya hidangan!!
Enaknya lagi disini gak ada orang ngamen, jadi aman recehnya gak diminta minta orang. Ngribetin jg kan kalo lagi enjoy makan diganggu.
Suasananya disini juga dingin, karna banyak pohon nya juga disekeliling

Gak lupa juga sama temen setia buat nongkrong :

Jogja memang menawarkan sejuta daya tarik tak hanya dari kebudayaan daerah dan tempat wisata. Tapi juga surga nya anak nongkrong. Nah, ini "Food Court UGM" hanya sekelumit tempat asik yang patut anda coba. Canda tawa, senda gurau sama kawan, leyeh leyeh, hotspotan, fesbukan, ngerjain tugas, nge-date. Semua bisa enjoy disini.

Anyway, I still explore many interesting spot in this City of heaven "Yogyakarta". So, keep in touch bro..



Get Male Enhancement

. 2010-05-29

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Tips to buy cheap ticket

. 2010-05-23

Ow, Lady Gaga concert is in your town, but you don’t know how to get the ticket. Besides, you don’t have much money to buy the expensive one. So, in another way you must find the affordable ticket price for your pocket then you can see Lady Gaga singing in front of you.

Is that possible?

Yes it is. You can buy ticket with lower cost in the internet. Try to log in to Prudencial Center Tickets, Citifield ticket and Madison Square Garden Ticket for the cost. They provide you with affordable price and give you the best offer to buy the music concert ticket. You have to order this ticket well before the concert is begin, let’s say 3 months before. You will get pre sale ticket and it means it’s cheaper than the normal one.

You can also go to eBay, if you are lucky you can find people selling their ticket. Usually they auction their ticket, so it has a big chance to get the lower cost ticket. They sometimes sell their ticket because they actually cannot go to the concert, that’s why you will get the cheaper one.

Well, it’s possible right to get the cheaper ticket? And you can having fun in the concert



Signs of a Good Web Hosting Services

. 2010-05-22

One thing that I know is more and more people who are going online. They need to expand their business and also for their personal need perhaps. Whatever the purpose you have, you should know that there are many web hosting service that are available for you. Therefore, you can easily get online then you can do anything with that magic cyberspace.

On the other hand, since there are many choices of the web hosting companies out there, you should really be careful to accept what they offer you, before you choose web hosting service, I suggest you to read Top 10 Web Hosting list. When you do investigation through online, you will surely find the accurate information about those companies there.

First of all, you should know that there are some signs you can use when you want to choose one reliable web hosting Service Company. First, you can evaluate from the company size. You can take a look to the kinds of service they offer to check their professionalism. Therefore, before doing research, you should initially define what you want.

You see, how long they have been in that business? Next, you can check their support and their ability to serve their different clients preference.



The cause of boils and how to treat it

. 2010-05-10

What is the cause of boils and how to treat it??

Abscess is an inflammation of the hair follicle area and surrounding skin. The most common cause is a bacteria - usually staphylococcus aureus, because the blisters can also be interpreted as a local infection on the skin. Originally just an infected hair follicle, but because of friction, irritation, and less net body treatment, the infection can spread to surrounding tissue, and become ulcers. Initially the cause can also be due to ingrown hairs, cuts, or the entry of foreign objects into the skin.

Abscess usually begins with red bumps and soft on the skin area, which over time will become harder. Then in the middle of the lump will form a white top - that will break down or be removed by a doctor (through a minor surgical procedure). The liquid that comes out is called pus, containing white blood cells (which sent the body to fight bacteria that infect the skin area), bacteria and proteins.

Boils can also be caused by clogged oil glands, which then become infected. Such ulcers are called 'acne cysts', usually occurs in young skin (teenagers).

Another thing boils called 'hidradenitis suppurativa', caused by local inflammation of the sweat glands. Boils are usually incurred more than one, its location in the armpit or groin area.

And the last is boils called 'pilonidal cyst', usually occurs in the folds of the buttocks. Initially only form of infection in the hair follicle, then added with irritation from pressure from sitting too long, usually when traveling a long time then this abscess is formed.

Place of occurrence of ulcers are common in many areas of the body occurs friction, for example in the armpits and buttocks. The first aid that can be done if the abscess had been seen going to happen, is to immediately compress with hot water (warm), which can increase blood circulation to the area. Treatment is with antibiotic cream or ointment (must be with a doctor's prescription). But if not improved, which has been eyed for ulcers / no white peaks, the doctor will consider to remove the pus. Solid boils, sore eyes and not do a massage because there is no pus that can be issued.

If boils a lot, or there is fever in the body, it must be coupled with drug taking antibiotics. If blisters occur repeatedly, it must be sought underlying factors, namely whether there is diabetes, severe kidney disease, severe disease, immune deficiencies to the person or persons who have aged.




Always Keep Lips Moist

. 2010-05-07

Having chapped lips is very disturbing appearance. Conditions such as dry lips, it also makes a smile can not be separated and discomfort. Under such conditions, many women take shortcuts to wet her lips with saliva. Though this way instead exacerbate the moisture lips. Saliva will create a natural layer of moisturizer on the lips faster eroded. Shortly after licking his lips are wet, but when the saliva is dry, conditions will be more dry lips instead of the previous. Saliva is not just ordinary water, but contains an enzyme which acts to dissolve the food in the digestive process. Similarly, when touching the lips, which contained the enzyme will work like when it meets food. That is why, wet her lips with saliva will actually make chapped lips.

If already chapped lips, better reproduction of water consumption. You can also use cotton dipped into water to moisten the lips, or with honey. Vitamins A and C content in honey is useful for moisturizing the lips.
Prevention of chapped lips can be done with emphasis on the consumption of foods containing vitamins A, C, E and minerals. Care also needs to be done from the outside by applying a lip care products like lip balm or lipstick that contains vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and SPF.


Best Vitamin For Healthy skin


Today, quite a lot of supplements for skin beauty on the market. Vitamins A, C, and E in supplement form is offered as an intake for the skin. However, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, beside skin care supplements, nutrients to protect the skin can also be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Thus, to delay the appearance of wrinkles, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends the women taking supplements in the proper dose, and still get natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables every day. Here, the nutrients you need for health and beauty skin:

Vitamin A
These nutrients are needed to keep skin firm and smooth. Drug and Food Control Agency United states, women need 5000 international units (IU) of vitamin A per day. However, if you want to get vitamin A from natural ingredients, you can consume food sources: milk, eggs, liver, meat, chicken, green vegetables , carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, mangoes, tomatoes.

Vitamin E
Useful to protect skin cells from damage. The FDA recommends taking vitamin E daily as many as 30 IU. Sources of food: vegetable oil, wheat, avocado, and nuts. One tablespoon of corn oil, and a hand held almonds are the best sources of vitamin E for healthy skin. Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts are also added vitamin E intake in your daily menu. besides, you can also eat peanut butter, spinach and corn oil to meet the requirement of vitamin E.

Vitamin C
Efficacious to produce collagen, so skin always healthy and smooth. The FDA set a daily dose of Vitamin C is 60 mg. Sources of food: citrus, fruit types of berries, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, spinach, guava, and red peppers (vitamin C content was higher than the greens).




Pump Out Your Body

. 2010-05-01

Everyone wants to have a great looking, that’s why we do the work out every day to make our body star fit and healthy. Go to the gym and consume the supplement is like our lifestyle. You could try anabolic pump. Anabolic pump is a supplement that helps you to build your muscle. This is how the anabolic pump work, this anabolic pump block glucose uptake a long with fat cells and triglyceride. That’s why your muscle will come appear and make you look sexier.

So, is it safe to consume anabolic pump?

Well you should see the anabolic pump review to make sure that it is safe, some products maybe but suit with your body. Sometime there are side effects like itchy and irritation in your skin. You should see your doctor and ask for an advice whether you can consume that anabolic pump or not.

In the internet you can search about anabolic pump results, the user of that anabolic product will post their testimonial and you see it right there which anabolic pumps will give you the best and faster result. Don’t forget to always do the workout to keep your fit body look sexy.



Starting Online Casino Games

. 2010-04-17

If you are big fans of either casino or gambling, I think you can try another option that will give you fun and risk as well.

You know, today people are able to enjoy playing slot machine and any other game with their computer through the internet. Even you can play games on the online casino without required to download them.

It is the perfect ease you will get when you are playing games on the online casino, you can do gambling as you wish at your own house. No need to step out of the house. You can choose what kind of game you play. You can include either fake money or even real money there. Also, it is full of the real casino atmosphere. You can play with mode of single or multiplayer. You can invite your friends and family to play with you.

Then how to start playing games on online casino. First, you need to find the website which provide online casino. You can easily find it with the assist of search engine. Next, you will be showed a long list of websites that meet your required keyword. You can choose one web sites you like and play there.



Why You Need A Dentist ?

. 2010-04-16

Are you the one who check your teeth periodically to the dentist? You know, dentistry is something that often is neglected by most people. It is not always important, indeed. However, you should know that when you find how important the teeth, gums, and other mouth parts, I am sure you will get to Olympia dentist diligently. Olympia dentist is the place that you need to meet professional dentist. If you do it, you can be sure that you have maintained your teeth to keep healthy and strong always.

What are the dentistry provide for you? Usually they have x ray and cleaning as routine checkup. Both of them is used as the worth prevention and you should know that you have no necessity to pay much money for this. They will check sugar and many things that will make your teeth get corrosion. Also, some of them have the equipments and technology for the teeth bleaching.

Lacey & Tumwater dentist also provide them. Beside, cleaning is also important thing to the teeth health. Perhaps you feel safe since you brush your tooth in third times or more in a day. However, you need to know that the x ray is able to see if your mouth is contaminated with bacteria.


Urgent Translation


You know, translation, whatever the languages, is so delicate. Thus, one will get bad thing when they translate the languages in a rush. Sometimes, people tow their work to translate any important documents till the dead line comes without they realize. In this case, the urgent translation will come to assist you.

As the name, urgent translation could be done just in a short time with a high standard, too. Thus, you, as the clients should look for and find the reputable translation service provider.
Commonly, a translation service is able to translate up to 6000 words within 3 to 4 days. However, when you use the urgent translation service, you can get your documents done within 24 hours only. Also, it is quality translation which handled by the 2 or 3 professional translators. Usually, they will split the documents. And each translator will have some sections as their duties. After all the words are translated, they will go to the proof reading by the professional translator, too. You know, translation need proof reading to make sure that it is high quality of translation and no different term used there. Now, don’t worry anymore with the dead line documents, right?



Talking about casinos, talking about you

. 2010-04-11

There are so many thing that you can do on the internet. You can make a social network. You can chat with your friends. You can integrate your work with your partner in job. You can listen to the radio. You can watch TV shows. You can advert and make job on the internet too. When internet era came, time and space is like converted to be small amount, or nothing. Many thing can be visited 24/7 and always online.

If you can do all of the activities, how about playing in a casino? Are there online casinos out there? Yes, there is. The casino online is just like the ordinary casino in your life. It offers much kind of games that ready to play. It has rules for each game. You make your bet and if you are lucky, you will get the point.

However, there is something different, if you compare it with the real one. The online casino is so much fun and bringing more advantage to you. You do not need to go out from your home to enjoy it. At the first sign up, you do not need put some dollar to play. It is free for everybody. That is why it can be a place to make you rich. While gambling online is set, it just like you has two destinies. You will get the money or you will get nothing. There is no point that you will lose and lost money in the online casino.

Expecting more from the online casino, it offers some bonuses for every point that you get. Some of the casino will give you extra point free at the first sign up. It makes no reason, why you do not play here. When you are depressed to your job out there, try to refresh yourself by playing it.



Playing casino for rewards

. 2010-04-09

Refreshing your mind from the pressure of work is somewhat good way. One of the answers is playing. While spending your time, why do not you take some advantages from your playing?

Casino is a place where many games are ready to play. There are many slots, card games, roulettes, and many more. Moreover, to play it, you do not need to spend money. You can play it online. On the internet, you can play after signing up for free. Play the games, get more points, and somehow you can use it for shopping then. Some casinos will give bonuses or free credit at the first sign up.

You can visit USA Casinos as the example. Then, why do not you start playing now?



Men Enhancement pills

. 2010-04-03

It is very debatable for long time about the effectiveness of male enhancement. Which one is the best and work successfully? I think no one really know the fact. Numbers of people are looking for the best product to enlarge their penis. However sometimes it does not come with what their desire. All the men need usually related to impotence, fertility, or premature ejaculation.

You know, it is a common thing if men want to have good sexual activity to satisfy his partner. Therefore, you can find that the demand of male enhancement is keep increasing time by time.
Perhaps we wonder about do penis extenders work well? Some product guarantees their product to be successfully worked.

Do male enhancement pills work? You need to know that the male enhancement work by making the greater blood which flow to genitals. However, I advise you not to expect too many these kinds of product whether it is pills or another form. For information, the natural or herbal products nice try. Usually this kind of product has many benefits beside flow your blood to the genitals. You see, it also will raise the testosterone’s levels and rejuvenate men’s libido for sure.
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Making money with online casino

. 2010-03-31

Have you ever play games in online casino USA? Anyway, wherever you play casino, it must be agree chance to make money, is not it? However do you know that a casino is also used by the entrepreneurs and the governments everywhere in order to gain income with huge salary?

Just like the real casinos (the life version), the online casino USA also bring great benefits for people. The players must gain great revenue from it. Generally, the online casinos allow people to play from all levels. Since today we can find lots of site which provide online casinos, hence they compete each other to attract as many as the customers.



Need help with chemistry and physic?

. 2010-03-28

Are you the one who think that Chemistry and physics class is difficult to pass? Then what about physic problem solver? Which one better for you? Which one is easier? Getting chemistry answers may need a large amount of learning. And do not forget that you must understand the various concepts before you can really understand the lesson. Have you ever thought not to take chemistry and physic class? I suggest you not to do this since it is a requirement for many degrees.

You should also know that both subjects also provide a valuable knowledge base upon which you will need the information you learned in this class for future. Therefore, if you feel that you are not done very well in your chemistry or physics class, then it is better for you to look into a tutor. In this case, I believe that you will get both chemistry help and physics help for sure from the tutor. Moreover, it will give you the encouragement you need to succeed in solving chemistry problems as well as the physics problems.

You see, if you do not mind doing your lessons in a virtual setting, I am sure you will find an online tutor with high experience so that he/she will surely help you to get the physics answers for your homework.


Sport betting review


Today you can find that revolution brings a great change for human life. You can find that people can do everything they want. The most popular use of the internet as well as the computer is for gaming, indeed. Internet provide you thousands different games to play online. However, you should know that internet also has another benefits besides providing online games for you. Here you can also get more revenue. How does this work then?

You need to know that there are betting sports site which will provide the bettors with an opportunity to bets as they wish. Individual is able to bets in every type of team play. They can deposit money for a particular sports team, too. If your chosen team wins the game or match, then you will surely get back cash plus the additional money as your income. In the other hand, if your chosen team lost the match, you will surely lost your bet and also cash, and you will not get extra bonus money. You see, this betting sports process is quite easy, is not it? If you are a beginner and just want to start betting, I believe that you can do it easily and with hassle free. Just take Football Betting for free.



Why do you need disposable contact lenses

. 2010-03-21

Do you wear contact lenses now? You should know that unlike their predecessors, the daily disposable lenses can be applied for a certain period and then removed and replaced with a new pairs. As a result, they tend to attract more people to use disposable contact lenses.

You need to know that proteins, lipids and calcium that your eyes produce naturally in your tears can build your lenses in the form of deposits. They can make your contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear and more importantly can cause eye infections.

With longer lenses, you should clean it regularly to avoid sediment built. You see, wearing contact lenses everyday is fine if you dispose it at the end of the day. Thus, we call it as disposable contact lenses.

When they will be removed on a regular basis, the daily disposable contact lenses offer the real benefits in terms of comfort.

You may often hear that doctors often recommend daily disposable contact lenses for children and people with busy lifestyles. This is because they are so easy to treat and not pose a risk of eye infections or other disorders for sure. Most people can wear daily lenses if they want. However, it is advisable to confirm that they are suitable for you. Thus you should meet your eye doctor first.



Tips before buy eyeglasses

. 2010-03-18

When your eyeglasses going old I know that you’ll look for the new one. But, one the big problem is about the price of eyeglasses that you want. But, you don’t have to be afraid now. Today, there are many kinds of eyeglasses with cheap price, like The #1 online Rx glasses store. You are able to look for eyeglasses that have cheap price but beautiful one. Please read about Eric's Review of Zenni Optical before you buy eyeglasses, you’ll be explained about how to get high quality eyeglasses but the cheapest one, and then look for Lowest Price Progressive Glasses.



Broadband Forum

. 2010-03-13

Do you know what India broadband forum is? Generally it is a forum for broadband and computers which related troubleshooting help. It has completed 4 years now and you can find that is has been a quite large ISP forum in India. They already had more than 3000 members now.

It was launched in October 2005. And now you can find their blog forum which has served millions of visitor each year. Airtel broadband is separated from broadband forum. It such a kind of emerged tools as a member is their most preferred ISP in India, although there are still plenty of rooms available.

For information, broadband forum teams also add the part to be associated with a television and entertainment industries. Therefore, it allows member, discuss about anything, dish TV, and also other direct home television provider.

Another they have made is launching a separate reliance wimax forum to concentrate on what will be the next thing after the phone since it is estimated that India will have more than 21 million wimax connections by 2014.



Anti Aging food

. 2010-02-23

It is important to understand that a number of nutrients to work more effectively in the body in the presence of antioxidants. When consumed, antioxidants will combat oxidants by attaching it self to free radicals, and ultimately reduce the inflammation associated with many aspects of the aging process. Not limited to heart disease and wrinkles only. From many of nutritious foods, there are three foods that are worth considering in order to slow aging : salmon, blueberries, and green tea. Salmon is very good antioxidant that makes vitamin C and E work longer, improve eye health and skin beside for anti aging.

The salmon is also a source of protein needed to make the whole cells, skin, hair, eyes, muscles, and organs. Also contains healthy fats, namely omega-3, which increases HDL to reduce the negative effects of LDL cholesterol.
Berry fruits contain antosianin which help vitamin C and E work better in the body. Research conducted at the Danish show that berries are used in reducing inflammation and the prevention or treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, and mood disorder.
Green tea is a healthful beverage. In February, written in the Journal of Nutrition and Biochem, by Japanese researchers, who have catechins in green tea is a source of antioxidants guard for brain neurons and prevent cognitive decline.

That Three powerful foods (antioxidant foods) should be included in the daily eat in order to maintain mental health and physical. In addition, plus fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants such as :

1. Avocado. This fruit is a good source of monounsaturated fats that can help lower bad cholesterol in the body. Avocado is also a Somber vitamin E can help maintain healthy skin and prevent skin aging. Vitamin E also may help the symptoms of hot flush or a burning sensation on the face. Rich in potassium which helps prevent fluid retention and high blood pressure.

2. Berries. Blackberries, blueberries, black grapes contain phytochemicals known as a powerful antioxidant flavonoids, which help protect the body against damage caused by free radicals and aging.

3. Cabbage. The family of cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, radishes, help the body against toxins and cancer. It is recommended to consume about 115 grams of vegetables each day. Where possible, the consumption of raw or boiled for a moment so important enzymes remain intact.

4. Garlic. Protective effect on the heart of garlic have long been noted. The results in 1994, in Iowa, United States, against 41,837 women aged 55-69 years showed that women who ate a clove of garlic at least once every week 50 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer. Other studies in Tasgore Medical College, India, shows that garlic lowers cholesterol and helps thin the blood more effectively than aspirin and also reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Ginger. This spicy roots can increase the digestive and circulatory systems of the body is very useful especially for the elderly. Ginger also helps relieve arthritic aches and pains.

6. Nuts. Nuts are good sources of minerals, particularly walnuts and brazil nuts. Although high in calories, rich walnut potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. Adding nuts to your diet can improve gastrointestinal function and immune system, improve and prevent skin cancer. Nuts also help control cholesterol levels.

7. Yogurt. Rich in essential minerals like potassium, calcium, protein, and vitamin B. Another thing that makes yogurt into one of the many important food is the presence of live bacteria in it. These bacteria help the absorption of nutrients in the gut and stabilize the immune system.

8. Brown rice and pasta wheat. Carbohydrate is energy foods. Replace pasta and white rice with wheat pasta and brown rice and you will quickly feel the difference in energy levels.

9. Watermelon. Not only has the effect of alkali (alkaline) of the body, but also provides essential fluid needed by the body to perform various tasks.

10. Water. No one can match the power of water. Water out toxins from the body also provides fluid to the bloodstream. Please read the efficacy of drinking mineral water.



Mortgage Refinancing

. 2010-02-22

Mortgages generally go for 30 years so it is only natural that a long this time period you may come upon new financial circumstances in your life; after all, 30 years is a long time. Interest rates and the cost of living can mean that you have got yourself into even more debt than when you first took out your mortgage. Mortgage refinancing for debt relief is an option you can consider if you have found a different home loan package that may save you money or allow you to pay off your mortgage faster. If you have after some years, gained some equity in your property (that is, the value of your property exceeds the amount you borrowed for it), then you may wish to use that equity to finance life events such as your children's education or even an investment property. If buying a second property, refinancing your first mortgage may be an ideal way to save money.

The idea of mortgage refinancing in most cases is to free up cash that you can use for other purposes. If you have found yourself in a high amount of credit card debt, refinancing your mortgage can lower your monthly loan repayments and you can therefore put that spare cash into paying off your credit card.

Mortgage loan refinance and debt consolidation can be complicated process so you will need to speak to your local financial institution before making a final decision. If you are a trusted customer of the bank, they may automatically approve your refinance, whilst other times you may have to fill in lengthy paperwork. Generally however, there is a fee to refinance a mortgage.

Mortgage refinancing is a common method of debt consolidation. This is because a mortgage is almost always at a lower interest rate than other debts such as credit cards and personal loans. By rolling your other high interest debts into your mortgage, you can save a considerable amount on interest payments.



Just be happy, and you will healthy

. 2010-02-19

Happiness that we felt was not only the aura radiates from the face, but also a healthy body. Study of 9981 in Australians shows, people that healthy and happy with his life less frequently exposed to the disease. A study published in The American Journal of Health Promotion is to compare levels of happiness and satisfaction of the respondents provided in 2001 with their health status in 2004. To measure levels of happiness, the respondents are given a question, like "In the last week did you feel happy?" or "When all things considered, how satisfied you are with your life?"
Three years later, the health level of the respondents was measured in three ways. First, they were asked how their health condition, then they asked whether experience health problems. Finally, they asked whether the 17 types of disease have mentioned, such as back pain or eye problems.

As many as 63 percent of respondents said they always felt happy. Meanwhile, 90 percent admitted satisfied with his life. The people from that group was more healthy. In other words, if you're currently satisfied and happy with life, then in the next three years you will most likely healthy. A different study conducted in the United States against the nuns also showed no different results. The nun who claimed to be happy and have hope and love of his life was more longevity. The experts say, happiness, as well as economic status, should be included as an indicator of health.
So, don't be sad... just relax and be happy. :)



Principle of eating well for pregnant women

. 2010-02-09

Pregnancy is the moments that most require special attention, both from the way of activity and eating for the health of the baby and mother to keep fit. Besides the principle of good eating is a big contribution to development in the fetus a baby. Pregnant women can not eat and drink whatever they want, to note, the scope of nutrition. Pregnant women are also not only to eat and drink nutritious without notice patterns, you should have arranged a healthy eating pattern, you better make the right schedule of eating. What you eat and how to eat, is a topic that I will discuss this time.


You now are pregnant then your diet should follow the diet for pregnant women. In pregnancy you need more consumption of protein, calories (for energy), vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and iron for your baby's development, too. Remember you need an additional 300 calories per day.

AVOID FOOD that could endanger maternal and fetal
  • Ripe cheeses such as Brie or Camembert and blue vein cheeses such as Stilton that could cause Listeriosis, is the infection which cause miscarriage, premature birth, or severe illness in infants who had just been born.
  • Raw eggs or undercooked eggs, which are usually contained in a home-made mayonnaise, fla, a dessert like chocolate mousse, tiramisu or ice cream. Content of raw eggs on these foods can lead to seriously salmonella poisoning to mother.
  • Hearts provided many high-vitamin A which dangerous for your baby.
  • Meat and fish are in half-baked have risk of toxoplasma and listeriosis which can cause fetal death or multiple health problems in your baby.
  • Fast food also have risk to get listeriosis, be sure you cook it first before eat.
  • Unwashed Vegetables and fruits could cause toxoplasma or listerosis. Wash again, make sure it clean !
  • Nuts can be dangerous for pregnant women if they have allergic to peanuts, eczema skin disease, and asthma.
  • Shark, swordfish, and marlin fish have a lot of mercury which can endanger your
    baby's nervous system.
  • Pregnant women who consume the head of the fish or poultry, have risk for listeriosis contamination.
  • Shellfish which even mature, also can be dangerous.

Not good for the condition of mother and baby, because it can cause deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other food ingredients. Diet should only be done with the approval of a doctor. Some pregnant women even recommended certain food diet, "The goal, of course not lose weight, but that weight does not increase capital in excess." Normal weight gain during pregnancy is more than two pounds a month. If needed, just cut certain foods that can add excess weight, such as cakes, tarts, biscuits, fatty foods and sweets

In the first 3 month is usually found complaints of nausea vomiting (morning sickness), try to overcome by eating small portions but often and avoid spicy also greasy food. Eat smaller portions, but made several times which recommended every 4 hours. Remember though you are not hungry, but your baby need food / nutrition on a regular basis.


The foods you eat is the source of the best vitamins, but are you sure your diet contains enough vitamins needed during pregnancy? especially iron and folic acid which is indispensable for the growth of healthy infants. For that you should take your vitamins regularly. And don't forget to consult it to the doctor. It is to make sure are your vitamin support with your body condition/characteristic.


8 glasses a day. Because you need enough fluids for you and your baby. 33% weight gain in pregnancy is a liquid. Fluid needed to build the baby's red blood cells for system circulation, the amniotic fluid. Your body also needs water during pregnancy to overcome constipation and control your body temperature.


Especially for fruit, do not be afraid to any of the fruits. Provided that not too much. Fruits are highly recommended for pregnant women such as bananas. Because according to research, banana has vitamin C levels far greater than the orange. The benefit for pregnant women, this fruit can reduce pain in the joints above the 5-month pregnancy, forming collagen, fiber, protein structure. Collagen is needed for the formation of bones and teeth and also to form scar tissue. Vitamin C also increases the body resistance against infection and helps the body to absorb iron. Besides Bananas are also advised to consume strawberries and melons. One more, Papaya fruit is highly recommended for pregnant women because of the high contain in vitamin A which can enhance immune pregnant women. Beside it, vitamin A also plays a role in the formation and controlling of hormones and helps to protect the body against cancer.
Vegetables that contain iron is needed by pregnant women. Eg spinach, kale, cassava leaves, papaya leaves etc. Scientists Research at the Sahlgrenska Academy Switzerland, published in the journal Pediatric Diabetes states, pregnant women who eat vegetables every day tend to have children that free from diabetes type 1.



Protect your skin from UV light

. 2010-02-06

Health and beauty skin is strongly influenced by the pattern of life and patterns of daily meals. In addition, the environment also plays an important role. Environmental polusif, hot and dry air, exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, smoke, dust, making the skin more faded quickly. Sunlight (UV light) has two distinct sides, which have a positive benefit, but also his or there are negative or become our enemy. Because of our Earth's environment, especially the atmosphere had become less able to guarantee the positive effects of sunlight. Of course you don't want if your skin damaged because UV light, right? Now, there are various forms of sunblock on the market, such as cream, lotion or gel. Compared lotion or gel, cream more effectively protect the skin from UV rays. Best way is you should using complexion creams. Complexion cream is useful to fortify your skin and reflects UV rays and there is no harm. Now it's a lot of natural skin creams and have various characteristics in accordance with your skin type.



traditional tips to prevent and cope hair fall

. 2010-02-04

The hair is a crown of body especially face. And Hair has major contribution to the element of beauty in women. Too bad if your hair is fall especially damaged. But it's been a lot happening between us. Many causes of hair fall, such as dandruff, excessive UV rays, stress, or your hair not enough nutritious etc. Many are also solutions to overcome the usual way we see on television or advertising, but many are not suitable so that it exacerbates.

Now, I will give some information to deal with hair fall problems by traditionally tips. I have three alternative that you can choose :

1. Take two handfuls of green beans, then add the water into the pan you use as much as two cups and then boiled together with the green beans until water live half. After that, take the cooking water from the green beans and condensed overnight. Then, in the morning you can use and apply into the scalp and leave until late afternoon. Do it for 7 days, and your hair will be protected from fall.

2. Aloe vera plants has been proved to be extremely potent to handle hair fall also can even make your hair better and thicker. How to use:
• Take the aloe vera plant which is large and has a lot of meat
• Then split the Aloe vera in two and take the meat
• coat all parts of your head with aloe vera evenly
• set aside in 10-15 minutes
• wash your hair
• do this two time a week for a month. And you will get beautiful hair.

3. With pecan nuts, because its known the efficacy could make strengthen and nourish.
- Take a few pecan nuts, then baked until the oil removed.
- apply the oil evenly on the surface of the scalp. Do it at night before sleep, and wash the hair in the morning.
- Perform this routinely until you have no more hair fall.

You may also like to read my general hair fall tips.



General Eye Care Tips

. 2010-02-01

Eyes is the most important to capture information, 80% of information we receive visual form. And this is the five senses is most important to be maintained. But now a lot of people underestimate the little things that effect is bad for eye health. This is the general tips for caring your eyes to keep healthy.

1. Protect eyes with anti-UV glass, if you are outside the room or a sunny place to minimize the impact of UV rays and free radicals. It also very recommended for you who work with computer.

2. Do not get used to seeing from close range, switch views to distant places for five minutes, do this every 15 minutes to reduce eyestrain.

3. Reading in a fairly light with the correct position.

4. Doing eye exercises every day to train the eye nerve, its give you to relax and get powerful vision. With glanced up and down, left and right, oblique left oblique right top-down and vice versa, then a circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively 5 -10 count.

5. Do routine exercise, it make your blood flow to the eyes smoothly.

6. Avoid using eye medications or vitamins without consulting with a doctor.

7. Perform routine inspection every six months for healthy eyes. Especially For eye that have specific problems.

8. If your two-wheeled vehicle users, we recommend using glasses or a helmet that has face protected. This is useful in order to reduce road dust on your eyes.

9. If the eyes become dry, do not let this happen because it can cause damage to the eye. To treat dry eyes, you could close your eyes for a few minutes while on the activity. You can also wash the eyes with tea water.

10. Expand drinking mineral water to help prevent fatigue and dehydration, especially in air-conditioned room, because the body begins to store water for self-defense, and this could help keep the humidity around the eyes.

11. Eat foods that contain vitamins A, C, and E each day.



Anticipated excess of sugar

. 2010-01-28

Without realizing it, every day we consume excessive sugar. And all this time people need merely sugar for taste. Excessive consumption of sugar, in addition to tooth decay, also can easily increase the weight of the body. Indeed in the body, the sugar is converted to glucose which will provide energy for the body. However, reducing the consumption of sugar will not cause you to lack energy.

Many foods that are actually indirect has replaced sugar as a source of carbohydrate food (rice, bread, corn, potatoes, noodles, etc.). This carbohydrate is converted to glucose through the digestive process. In addition, proteins and fats also provide energy. The food that contains lots of sugar such as soft drinks, ice cream, sweet cakes, and candy sweet.

Tips to reduce sugar consumption in daily activity, there are several ways you can do :

1. Choose snacks that do not have a sweet and tasty
2. Avoid sugary drinks, replacing them with fruit juice, but do not add sugar
3. Do not add sugar to the milk, or chocolate
4. Provide fruit for dessert or to prevent your hunger.


Gold is The best long-term investment


Today's investment in portfolio for the upper class is need the full of calculating activities. Fluctuation of world economic conditions is a challenge for financial planners and investors in the form of investment plans or we called portfolio. The most common are stock and securities, the middle class and educated people in the big cities are already familiar with it. But investing in a way to play the stock is too risky, or high risk practically high income. You can really benefit or loss. especially now the world economy still unstable.

The best alternative in the long-term investing is in the form of gold investment. Many investors choose gold as a form of investment because its value tends to a stable and rising. Very rare gold prices fell. And again, gold is a tool that can be used to ward off inflation, which often happens every year. Gold is also very good for diversification of investments after having investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or property. Moreover, in some gold-producing countries recently experienced a significant decrease, in addition the price of gold will always rise ascertained.

One form of gold is a gold coin, which form of gold like this is one of the other forms of gold bullion that have been shaped into pure gold coin. Values and levels were the same as gold bullion. To note, gold coins is great for investment. Management consultant and renowned motivator in Indonesia, Tung Desem Waringin, since the past until now always thought that gold is the safest and best investments profitable.



Healthy food to gain weight

. 2010-01-26

Many people look for ways to lose weight, but not least also seeking ways to gain weight. Life is full of variations. While many overweight people are confused about how to lose their weight, there are also many thin people who look for ways to increase their weight. Too fat is not good, thin also look bad. So, generally everybody looking for ideal weight, it make us looked sexy. Tips to gain weight is much easier than diet. Because the main focus here is the intake of nutrients from food.

Type of food and portions that you should need to be considered, and consistent. Just eat too much doesn't care about nutritious is not true, make sure to eat healthy foods. If you really want to gain weight with a healthy food, consider the 3 following tips from carefair :

Expand the number of calories consumed

Start by trying to add 500 calories per day to the food you eat. Look for foods rich in calories and are also good for your health. Avoid foods that are labeled "sugar free" or "non-fat".

For breakfast, you can eat granola (cereal from dried fruits), as well as cereals. These foods contain a fairly high calorie. This high-calorie foods you can also find in the nuts and natural sweeteners, like honey and maple syrup.

Fat is your friend

for your skinny people, start friendly with fat. Say aloud that "fat is my friend". Fats are referred here is unsaturated fat, no saturated fat. Unsaturated fats have a high caloric content of each portion. You can eat peanut butter or pure cheese. Major source of healthy fat content you can find on an avocado. Make an avocado juice is really good alternative, and combine it with milk.

Routinely consume carbohydrates and proteins

Expand your intake of carbohydrates and protein in your food will help ease up the weight on the right track. Carbohydrates can you find in grains and fruits. Food is somewhat effective in increasing body weight. As for protein, you can eat fish, poultry, beans, or beef.




Homecare will help your family

. 2010-01-21

Live in the middle of city, increasingly complex and heterogeneous, giving greater risk to your health. It's so many lifestyle that is not appropriate for our health care. Most preferred to pursue a career peak with hard work, resulting in less attention to their own health. Then the time to take care of fitness also neglected. And the worst if you have a family at home who are sick, while busy career in restraint of time, you could not take care of your family. And you do not have relatives to take care of him. Are you going to leave him alone at home without anyone take care of him?

Do not allow yourself feel guilty because of it. And if you said that you are busy because of the career, that is really not right reason to leave your family. The solution is with homecare. In particular has an important role as a Hospital Support System or clinic after treatment or hospital care. By using this service you do not have to worry anymore about the condition of your sick family, because it was handled and treated by the appropriate parties. they have the ability to work practical, accurate, reliable and professional. In Malaysia, the increasing profit of homecare company in last year is very significant. I just thinking, how they could provide a good service to patient and customer that the number is not small. How they manage it well in office? What the kind of homecare technology they use?



E-cig is the solution for the smoker

. 2010-01-17

Honestly I was a smoker since high school until now in college, so it has been 6 years old to be active smokers. It was hard to quit smoking, if someone asks "what was the good of smoking?" spontaneous I answer, I dont know ! for some reason it feels good to smoke, and there seemed to be less if the day without smoking. And I also know that the dangers of smoking can cause lung cancer, impotence, heart failure, blood circulation is interrupted, premature aging etc. That is the serious effects of smoking. it still could not stop the addiction to cigarettes. I'm sure the smokers amongst you also feel the same way with me. Various counseling may also be done by many countries for the smoker. But still only temporary.

Then what's the solution? There is an interesting alternative. A cigarette has made not by tobacco but from electronic things. Electronic cigarettes (e-cig) produce a vapor mist that looks like real smoke, but it is not. you (smokers) will get many more benefits than just smoking traditional cigarettes. With e-cig, no more stale tobacco smell on your hands, clothes and any stuffs near from you. Everything including your car, home and office can be free of ashes, dirty cigarette butts, and that lingering tobacco smell. Imagine that, a discovery that is already long but I just know it. Honestly I was shocked to know there is such a great product, a good alternative for you the heavy smokers and still hard to stop.

I'll give some other benefits from e-cig besides those mentioned : No risk of fire from dropping cigarette, you can put it down anywhere, it will not burning your stuffs ; No more nagging from well meaning non-smokers, because its absolutely environmentally friendly ; No more pills, patches or gums that just don’t work ; Cheaper than regular cigarettes (you can compare it) ; Cleaner air and no cigarette butts means cleaner environment ; Varying nicotine strengths to suit your needs ; Exciting flavors to enhance your smoking experience, sounds cool ! ; Convenient and easy to use.

This is not an alternative as stopping smoking addiction, but more to alternatives instead of traditional cigarettes. With e-cig, we as smokers will be free to smoke anywhere because the smoke does not disturb the environment. Even on the plane we could even smoke! Smoking anywhere anytime ! Sounds cool right?! I probably will shift from traditional cigarettes to e-cig because it has lower risks and healthier than traditional cigarette.



Fix Credit with Credit Repair Services

. 2010-01-16

Lifestyle in this modern era demands of us and sometimes give a view of consumerist lifestyle. Lots of workers, employees or entrepreneurs in major cities have used credit cards and aims to facilitate the transaction, transactions both within and outside the countries. But not a few the credit card users, have it only for prestige or for the expense of spending money just for a hobby without thinking of the consequences. Whereas credit card services have considerable bank interest, and if you only have a credit card but only for the prestige without the offset income, your finance will unhealthy.

These second type is a user who has lots of problems in the credit card. Very often they do not pay their bills on time so that makes the credit score swells. The solution if you are already in the financial condition of stress due to credit card, fix credit by consult the expert. It is very necessary for your financial situation is not getting worse and make your credit card to be healthy again. Also sometimes the credit report errors are also caused by employees of the credit card services that are less competent. This would be fatal if you do nothing.

Processing credit repair is not simple that you think. It requires some negotiation with the lenders which involves the observation on our credit scores, monthly payment history and as such. In order that it works reliably, we need an assistance from a credit expert who understands the effective steps to dealing with it. They are credit repair services. They provide a fairly competent services, and has helped thousands of customers who have problems like above.



Brandvertiser provide many top brands and dicsount

. 2010-01-13

Yesterday i was browsing in search engine, because i would like to buy a watch. Before it, i want that the site should have complete listing and provide good offer also reasonable price, so we can compare each brands. Then i found, its provide a lot of top brands with easy listing to find the product which you looking for. Dont worry if you have limited money,

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Hire a helper to move your stuff

. 2010-01-10

There is a new buzz again, from a site maid service providers such as moving goods. If you want to move to another house, but you do not want to be bothered for doing your home goods moving to a new place, perhaps remembering a lot of weight and household items that you have. It could take a long time too if you do it alone, while your spare time is very limited. But you do not want to bother anyone either family or neighbor. Its easy to move small box, radio, or little stuff. But how you could move your big stuff like piano, your lovely bed, large desk etc. And you are alone, its almost impossible, except you are superman. Now here is a solution, just simply call the movers to move your stuff. The company is moving in the field of services such as moving items.

For example your home in New York, just hire a New York movers. Its Simply steps : 1. Search and select a helper(mover) in your area. Search for local helpers and receive an instant quote on each helper you select. Learn more about each helper in their individual profile and read reviews of their past performance. 2. Helper contacts you. The helper you have requested will be in contact with you within 24 hours, if for some reason they cannot help you, you can choose another helper or choose to cancel the job. Once you offer a job to a helper and they accept, payment will be made with your credit card and you will receive a authorization code. 3. When the work is done hand them an authorization code. After the worker has completed the work, simply hand them the authorization code you received during checkout and we will deposit the funds into their bank account.

For those of you who live in LA, and want hire Los Angeles movers, do not worry they provide it. Because this site provides you the complete information about movers that is available in all states. What you waiting for? Do not make your self stressed because of your stuff. Do not hesitate to visit


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