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Broadband Forum

. 2010-03-13

Do you know what India broadband forum is? Generally it is a forum for broadband and computers which related troubleshooting help. It has completed 4 years now and you can find that is has been a quite large ISP forum in India. They already had more than 3000 members now.

It was launched in October 2005. And now you can find their blog forum which has served millions of visitor each year. Airtel broadband is separated from broadband forum. It such a kind of emerged tools as a member is their most preferred ISP in India, although there are still plenty of rooms available.

For information, broadband forum teams also add the part to be associated with a television and entertainment industries. Therefore, it allows member, discuss about anything, dish TV, and also other direct home television provider.

Another they have made is launching a separate reliance wimax forum to concentrate on what will be the next thing after the phone since it is estimated that India will have more than 21 million wimax connections by 2014.


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