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Why do you need disposable contact lenses

. 2010-03-21

Do you wear contact lenses now? You should know that unlike their predecessors, the daily disposable lenses can be applied for a certain period and then removed and replaced with a new pairs. As a result, they tend to attract more people to use disposable contact lenses.

You need to know that proteins, lipids and calcium that your eyes produce naturally in your tears can build your lenses in the form of deposits. They can make your contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear and more importantly can cause eye infections.

With longer lenses, you should clean it regularly to avoid sediment built. You see, wearing contact lenses everyday is fine if you dispose it at the end of the day. Thus, we call it as disposable contact lenses.

When they will be removed on a regular basis, the daily disposable contact lenses offer the real benefits in terms of comfort.

You may often hear that doctors often recommend daily disposable contact lenses for children and people with busy lifestyles. This is because they are so easy to treat and not pose a risk of eye infections or other disorders for sure. Most people can wear daily lenses if they want. However, it is advisable to confirm that they are suitable for you. Thus you should meet your eye doctor first.


penghuni 60 said...

bermanfaat infonya.
mksh ya...
(ditunggu komen baliknya)

Contact Lenses said...
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Carol said...

Some are too brave to the point of endangering their eye's welfare that they sleep with their contact lenses on. I think it would be safer to wear disposable contact lenses because the user would be forced to throw it away everyday. Besides, even if we clean the lenses everyday, we cannot be assured that it is 100% clean when you wear it again the next day.

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