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Be careful from keylogger

. 2010-08-12

As we know that keylogger is an installed machine or software in the computer to write down all of activities when the keyboard was working secretly. Anything that you type or write using keyboard will be displayed and saved in the keylogger. Bad function of keylogger is to steal the password and username or even credit card number. Keylogger also completed with a tool to send the stolen data to an email address. Good function of keylogger is to back up your data. For example, your software is not responding suddenly when you are typing something at your computer then your data might be lost. Not all of software has auto recovery data like Microsoft word. Even on the Ms. Word, some data is missing. If you use keylogger, you can take your data back on the keylogger directory. Keylogger can be detected by Norton Antivirus. But there are several keylogger that can be detected by antivirus.

There is no 100% guarantee that your computer will be free from keylogger software. Deepfreeze and Norton Goback can be used to reduce and temporarily removed the keylogger. But those engines can be used after the keylogger is activated. More about keylogger, click here.


topfiq said...

yupz, keylogger very dangerous , i always got it in some rental folder program

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Good post, we do need to be careful. Nice image too :)

Aaron J said...

I was glad that this topic is posted because it really enlightens. thanks that we are advised to be careful with keyloggers.

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Thanks for the information. NOw, I will be careful with public computers and my passwords

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