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Just be happy, and you will healthy

. 2010-02-19

Happiness that we felt was not only the aura radiates from the face, but also a healthy body. Study of 9981 in Australians shows, people that healthy and happy with his life less frequently exposed to the disease. A study published in The American Journal of Health Promotion is to compare levels of happiness and satisfaction of the respondents provided in 2001 with their health status in 2004. To measure levels of happiness, the respondents are given a question, like "In the last week did you feel happy?" or "When all things considered, how satisfied you are with your life?"
Three years later, the health level of the respondents was measured in three ways. First, they were asked how their health condition, then they asked whether experience health problems. Finally, they asked whether the 17 types of disease have mentioned, such as back pain or eye problems.

As many as 63 percent of respondents said they always felt happy. Meanwhile, 90 percent admitted satisfied with his life. The people from that group was more healthy. In other words, if you're currently satisfied and happy with life, then in the next three years you will most likely healthy. A different study conducted in the United States against the nuns also showed no different results. The nun who claimed to be happy and have hope and love of his life was more longevity. The experts say, happiness, as well as economic status, should be included as an indicator of health.
So, don't be sad... just relax and be happy. :)


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