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Protect your skin from UV light

. 2010-02-06

Health and beauty skin is strongly influenced by the pattern of life and patterns of daily meals. In addition, the environment also plays an important role. Environmental polusif, hot and dry air, exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, smoke, dust, making the skin more faded quickly. Sunlight (UV light) has two distinct sides, which have a positive benefit, but also his or there are negative or become our enemy. Because of our Earth's environment, especially the atmosphere had become less able to guarantee the positive effects of sunlight. Of course you don't want if your skin damaged because UV light, right? Now, there are various forms of sunblock on the market, such as cream, lotion or gel. Compared lotion or gel, cream more effectively protect the skin from UV rays. Best way is you should using complexion creams. Complexion cream is useful to fortify your skin and reflects UV rays and there is no harm. Now it's a lot of natural skin creams and have various characteristics in accordance with your skin type.


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vitamins C and E for a three-month period had significantly less sunburn damage from UVB rays than those who did not. Additionally, the study suggested that these vitamins also protected the user against DNA mutation, which is what leads to skin cancer. Even though this is promising information, it is not suggested that you use these vitamins as your only means of skin protection. Staying out of the sun during the hottest times of the day and wearing protective clothing or sunscreen is still advisable, but vitamin C and E can be used to supplement your current sun-protection regimen.

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