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traditional tips to prevent and cope hair fall

. 2010-02-04

The hair is a crown of body especially face. And Hair has major contribution to the element of beauty in women. Too bad if your hair is fall especially damaged. But it's been a lot happening between us. Many causes of hair fall, such as dandruff, excessive UV rays, stress, or your hair not enough nutritious etc. Many are also solutions to overcome the usual way we see on television or advertising, but many are not suitable so that it exacerbates.

Now, I will give some information to deal with hair fall problems by traditionally tips. I have three alternative that you can choose :

1. Take two handfuls of green beans, then add the water into the pan you use as much as two cups and then boiled together with the green beans until water live half. After that, take the cooking water from the green beans and condensed overnight. Then, in the morning you can use and apply into the scalp and leave until late afternoon. Do it for 7 days, and your hair will be protected from fall.

2. Aloe vera plants has been proved to be extremely potent to handle hair fall also can even make your hair better and thicker. How to use:
• Take the aloe vera plant which is large and has a lot of meat
• Then split the Aloe vera in two and take the meat
• coat all parts of your head with aloe vera evenly
• set aside in 10-15 minutes
• wash your hair
• do this two time a week for a month. And you will get beautiful hair.

3. With pecan nuts, because its known the efficacy could make strengthen and nourish.
- Take a few pecan nuts, then baked until the oil removed.
- apply the oil evenly on the surface of the scalp. Do it at night before sleep, and wash the hair in the morning.
- Perform this routinely until you have no more hair fall.

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