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Tips to keep, prevent and cope with hair loss

. 2009-12-29

Hair is just like a crown. And became one of the factors of physical image quality assessment a person, especially women. Hair for women is one of the most important body parts that must be maintained to show for their physical beauty. Moreover, the hair is now also one part of a trend in society, both young and old. Always follow the mutually hairstyle change follows the trend, has become a habit of teenagers. Because the model is also often reflected in the hair to be one reflection of one's character. But what if you are someone who always follow the trend of hairstyle, but you have unhealthy hair and fall out? It's same as bullshit right? This problem is common already among us, because so many external factors (poor environmental conditions) and internal (lack of knowledge of good care). Please read the tips to keep, prevent and cope with hair loss :

1. More eat nutritious foods, especially protein and iron. Why? Because the protein is essential for the growth of body cells, including hair.

2. Use water with normal temperature when shampooing

3. Use a shampoo, hair tonic and konditioner containing ginseng, it's good for ypur hair because make it not easily broken and a healthy glow.

4. Reduce or avoid use of the shampoo with a foam that is too much. Because the foam shampoo that contains the pH 7 to 8 which can damage the scalp's natural acid pH it is around 5.5. PH imbalance can interfere with healthy hair growth and cause hair loss. Try to shampoo with a low-foam formula, or use baby shampoo because it generally does not contain detergent.

5. Conditioner useful to counteract the alkaline nature of the hair. The nature of acid in conditioner will close the hair cuticle as before. Conditioner also provides oil to the hair and make it more luminous. Although the hair actually produces oil, but the long hair, the oil was not until the end of the hair, and this is one for conditioner.

6. Frequently scalp massage. Scalp massage function to help the circulation of blood. Blood capillaries will lead to deliver food for the roots of the hair. Keep your head when to shampoo, massaging the scalp. This can help your brain get better oxygen intake which can help you concentrate better.

7. Avoid using hair dryer to dry your hair, or use a towel too hard until your hair is too dry. Because it can make your hair ripped from its roots.

8. Reduce consumption of coffee and soda, replace with a fruit smoothie drink rich in vitamin B, such as bananas, strawberries, mangoes and kiwi fruit that intake of vitamin B will multiply. Also excess caffeine in the body will eliminate the backup instead of vitamins B5 and B6. Nuts and wholegrain rich in zinc consumption is also essential to overcome the loss of hair.

9. avoid stress, because it will trigger hair loss. Try getting enough sleep, because sleep deprivation can trigger stress. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. If you're dieting, try not lack protein.

10. Limit the use of chemical or physical treatment of excessive hair. The hair is colored, in-Rebonding, or tied and dried using a hair dryer has been torturing your hair so the hair becomes stressed and more vulnerable.

11. Reduce the use of gels, creams, oils, dyes and hair spray. I recommend that you choose products made from natural materials.

The Information is cited from various sources, may be useful.


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