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Tips For Healthy Sleep

. 2009-11-25

Many from us dont know how to get effective and healthy sleep. Now, i want to share how to make it better with some tips :

Always sleep on time, in order for your body's biological clock still on the right cycle. No matter whether you get enough sleep or not. Try to keep the regularity of sleep and wake up early both days and holidays.

Organized Excercise
Sports regularly is a panacea to neutralize the physical tension and your mind. This is a little more help to improve the quality of your sleep. Do not be late for sports. Simply do a little light exercise. The most ideal time for exercise is the morning or afternoon or late evening maximum.

Create a nice and ritual atmosphere
Keep the humidity and temperature bedroom. Try such a way as morning came, the sun will go into your room. Before sleep, try to relax. No need too much thinking. Perform a pleasant bedtime ritual such as listening to soft music, reading light reading. And also Customize your bedroom light.

Not Quantity, but Quality !
The important thing is quality not quantity. No matter if you only sleep for 5 hours, but you feel refreshed. If you'd had enough sleep, better use your time to carry out other activities.

Do not Sleep in the state of hunger or Heartburn
Better you should be able to avoid sleep because of exhaustion and not the hours you sleep. Do not sleep in a state of hunger or even stuffed. Avoid nuts or fruit-containing gases such as durian. Avoid snacking also with high fat content because it takes longer to digest. If another diet, do not ever sleep in a state of hunger. Better to eat a low-calorie fruits such as bananas or apples.


Beauty said...

postingnya bagus, biasanya sekarang ini banyak insomnia syndrom, dan sangat susah mengatasinya, ;;)

Jaisy01 said...

Wah, menarik sekali. Postingan yang bisa memberikan pencerahan bagi kita semua. Terima kasih

Salam kenal
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Blogger said...

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