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Review VGA Asus EAH 6780 plus ZALMAN VF3000A (vga Cooler)

. 2011-01-03

Allright buddy, now I want to share a personal review VGA combine with cooler : Asus EAH 6870 and Zalman VF3000A (vga cooler). Here I will try to give you a little guide (picture manual guide) at least like unboxing especially for the vga cooler (zalman VF3000A). First, remember that I just give a little review, not full review, because complete or not for this information is depend on who see this, doesn't it?? :)

Straight to the point, the review is majority base on picture/screenshot, so you can translate it to your own self language. Check it out :

For Box :

For Heatsink reference :
Not just like another heatsink reference, upper lid is made from aluminium

For PCB after heatsink opened :
The two of memories is placed inside, opposite with 5770

And this is a hottest part :D :

For the backside of PCB :

And this is for ZALMAN VF 3000A

For copper based heatsink + heatpipe

For PCB after plugged heatsink memory from Zalman :


Say it Cool !! :)

Although the fan speed set to 100%, but it noise really silent.


The fan control, out from PC case :

Oke, installation step is finished. Lets check the performance

for GPU-Z ASUS standard @915mhz :

Click it for bigger size

after overclocked 975mhz via MSI afterburner sistem inject GPU (click pic for full size) :

And this is for normal temp :

Temp after plugged ZALMAN vF3000A @975MHZ :

SAY WOW!! I just amazing about this one, the temp decrease 25C !!

My PC/RIG Spec :
- AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE @3754 Mhz (Auto Overclocked single button via Motherboard, turbo = off)
- HSF ZALMAN CNPS 10x Extreme
- Assus Crosshair IV Formula
- OCZ Fatal1ty 2x2gb pc12800 1600mhz,run @930mhz 6-6-6-18
- Asus EAH 6870 @975mhz
- Zalman VF3000A
- Thermaltake Toughpower XT 650w
- Seagate 500gb,320gb
- LCD LG w1953s blm full HD

VGA Performance oc @975 mhz

For MSI Kombustor Score @1360 x 786, 8xMSAA
Score 9111 :


Conclusion 1 :
Benefit :
- decrease a normal temp from heatsink reference up to 30'C (full load)
- Cool design :D
- there is a fan controller hardware
- very silent for the fan

Deficiency :
- Extravagant place
- Fan controller plugged to motherboard, not to vga

After all, for me this is really recommended for you Insane gamer!!

Thanks, best regards. :)


Robi said...

Hi, nice review, is that cooler really that quiet? My other fans in the case are so quiet that sometimes I do not hear them, so is this cooler good for me on low rpm? Or any idea for other coolers? I've got the same card. Thank you!

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