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7 Healthy Habits

. 2009-12-17

Active life is a magnet that attract a number of habits that viewed one by one is too simple to assess. However, collectively, these habits is the main hope for the sake of personal health and vitaitas and even for the integrity of the nation's health surveillance system. Most habits are reminiscent of our mother's reprimand. a few years ago, researchers at the laboratory on human population california department of health published a habit related to health and longevity (Breslow & Enstrom, 1980)

List includes :

- Exercising regularly
- enough sleep
- good breakfast
- eat regularly
- weight control
- free of cigarette and drug
- moderate alcohol consumption (or not at all)

These studies prove the men can add as many as 11 years of age and women just as much as 7 years to run on 7 of the habit.

on the next post I will explain that seven habits.


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