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Summer health tips -- The Right Drink if Thirsty

. 2009-12-06

On hot days, both during the dry season in Indonesia and during the summer in the countries of the four seasons, we need to drink much more, three to four times more than the need to drink on a normal day! When the normal temperature, an adult is recommended to drink about 1 ½ liters per day. That means the total every day about 6 cups (1 cup = ¼ liters). For children from the age of 2 years is recommended to drink approximately one liter per day.

Beverage thirst release should not be too cold. Ice-cold beverages to satisfy thirst is only a little while, it causes a lot of sweat and increase can cause stomach complaints. The people in hot countries - from Turkey to Morocco - have a good tips for hot days: they drank some hot tea! Thus, their bodies begin to sweat a little which makes the body a little more cool, without burdening the process of circulation in the body.

Beverage release of thirst should not drink alcoholic group, also should not drink sweet drinks. Beer and his colleagues make a tired, sleepy and just treat the thirst for a little while. For those who have reached the maximum weight or even overweight, keep in mind that the syrup (lime) is the "bomb" calories.

Release is the ideal thirst mineral water, tea from a variety of plants (german: Kraeutertee) and of fruit, or fruit and vegetable juices are diluted because the drinks are low in calories, contain enough minerals to replace mineral salts lost through the body sweating. Vegetable juice, carrot juice but, because the composition of matter content, should not be drunk pure, but diluted first - for example a quarter - with carrot juice. Cucumber (cucumber) and watermelons have the effect of cooling the body. Cucumber have properties which can withstand temperatures that would be lower around 20 degrees Celsius compared to temperatures outside on hot days!

Therefore in some hot countries such as India and the Middle Eastern population have for centuries eaten fresh cucumber as a natural conditioning ingredients. Extract from the other vegetables that can be utilized during the summer is celery (celery family), because celery can replace sodium minerals lost during sweating body. Celery juice is also efficacious eliminate headaches. Like other vegetable juice, celery juice should be diluted before drinking. Fruit or vegetable juice mixture will feel more refreshed when mixed with mineral water containing carbon dioxide (CO2) and are presented plus a few ice cubes, so that the temperature is low enough drinks, but not cold.


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