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routine ejaculation prevent prostate cancer

. 2009-12-11

Prostate cancer generally affects men over the age of 50 years. but rarely suffered in men aged 45 years or under, except if you have inherited or are descended from the disease. Effective way to counter this is actually a healthy lifestyle, diligent exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods. The main causes of prostate cancer was used until now remained a mystery. There is a powerful myth that is believed to also prevent prostate cancer is often or increase the frequency of sexual intercourse, it is still controversial but many scientists who advocate this.

Many of the doctors argue, men who exercise regularly have a body fit alias and regular sexual intercourse will reduce the possibility of prostate cancer. The experts who agree with this also will create a channel ejaculate expenditure in the penis is not clogged.

A study published in The British Journal of Urology found that sexual activity of males between the ages of 50 years can provide protection from this disease. "This is due to release of toxins that accumulate during sexual activity can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in the region," said Polyxeni Dimitropoulou who led the study. However, it needs further study.


Zaharia said...

I've heard that garlic increases ejaculation power and taste.

Is this right?? Don't joke, cus if true, i'd really to work every day smelling bad :P I'd be a natural garlic bunch :P jajaja


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