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Healthy Lifestyle tips for a better life

. 2009-12-20

1. Phisycal Activity

Lack of physical activity is now considered a major factor for heart disease the same thing with high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking. Inactivity has contributed to the large number of deaths than heart disease. Therefore, frequent physical activity by exercising regularly alternate.

2. Healthy Food choices

Poor food choices lead directly to being overweight, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and indirectly affect other issues such as depression and social and economic discomfort. Despite many years of American citizens to follow health education, but on average they earn nearly 40% of their daily calories from fat. Although books, articles, newspapers, television, advised them to reduce the amount of fat to 30 and even 25%. Public confused or surprised by the problems of fat and cholesterol, especially regarding saturated fats and not saturated. They are as unable to understand the importance of nutritional information printed on food boxes, which clearly mention the fat content and cholesterol in foods.

Understanding the importance of nutrition and food choices become increasingly critical as more and more people working, overtime, and depending on the presentation of food is easy and can be taken home or eaten outside. If I had to eat outside, I asked for skim milk instead of soft drinks, and ask for sauce or placed on a separate lane of the dish. Along with healthy food choices, eating habits change is a survival technique for the modern urban warrior. The food is good not accompanied by a lack of exercise, caused at least 300,000 deaths each year. Mostly due to heart disease, and will result in increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

3. Weight Control

Diet to lose weight is a health intervention that not successful. Only 10% of people to reduce 25 pounds or more of the desired weight. What's worse is the fact that most weight loss programs actually lead to obesity. Truth gained from decades of research that diet alone will not help you get a reduction of permanent weight loss. Desertai active life with healthy food choices, and treatment if necessary habit is the answer to weight control for life. Activity to maintain or form without the fat tissue (muscle) which has the capability to burn calories. Diet, without the other, makes muscles shrink and reduce daily caloric expenditure, resulting in increased fat deposits.

4. Handling Stress

Stress is our emotional response to the events experienced. What is believed to be stressful to one person may be an encouragement for others. Sterss handling strategy implies a way to learn effective stress management, how to deal with various sources of stress in modern life. Stress has been linked to heart disease, cancer, ulcers, immune suppression, and other diseases. But do not be because there are difficulties in measuring levels of stress.

What is certain is that you can learn to deal with irritation in the most cheerful other grave threats. Good results obtained if one combines habits change with the stress of weapons control capabilities. Regular activity and not excessive dalah an ideal way to cope with stress because of the way the effective, long-lasting and inexpensive, while providing positive health benefits.

5. Another Important Advice

The last category of healthy habits that I want to explain is that parktik prevention habits according to age, sex, condition, and history of your keluraga. Prevention includes vaccination and prevention techniques other recognized, such as checking blood pressure and cholesterol, mammography and glaucoma tests and prostate cancer. The fact is you are responsible for your own health, not your doctor.

Combine personal responsibility and prevention with early detection test, and you have a cost-effective strategy for survival. Strategy is cost effective because prevention is always cheaper than treatment, because you take advantage of low cost, and because you did not often see a doctor. If your company has a comprehensive welfare program, use it! If not, create your own program because you are responsible for your health.


meningkatkan daya ingat said...

Beberapa makanan yang mengandung antioksidan, selain meningkatkan sistem kekebalan tubuh, juga dapat meningkatkan aktivitas otak, dengan membantu oksigen beredar ke seluruh tubuh.

HealthyMom said...

Diets do not work. Making healthy lifestyle changes is the key to losing weight, keeping it off, having more energy and feeling good about yourself.

Healthy Lifestyle

Health and Wellness Products and Services said...

Physical activity is the best way if your on diet. Food moderation is a must to control your weight loss and being stress by having a diet.

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