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First Kiss Tips

. 2009-12-04

The first kiss is the most memorable and very touching. Although for teenagers ever felt a kiss from the people he knew before. For example a kiss from his mother, father, grandmother, sister, etc. but the first kiss from a lover will give a new experience extraordinary, who never felt before. For the first experience, the first kiss of the lover it is very difficult to express in words. Heart becomes pounding, cheeks flushed. Shame, sadness, pleasure, a little-bit frightened mixed into one. A kiss on the dating process will be able to strengthen their relationship. Its happened to me when i was still in Senior high school.

Sometimes for the women's first kiss make her all embarrassed. Lingering in front of the mirror timid there are parts missing, or perhaps feeling there may be used around a kiss on the cheek or the lips of her lover that he can take and store in memory.

The first kiss from a lover can give a strong impression in growing the seeds of love among us. Since this is the first experience and a very sensitive thing you need to be careful in doing so. Make the first kiss to be a good first impression. To get a good impression. try See below :

Choose the best place to kiss. The beautiful natural scenery in the beautiful scenery, or to another place which is expected to create a romantic atmosphere, such as theme parks, attractions, etc. Take the opportunity to focus on each other, and let the natural atmosphere together with a feeling. Romantic atmosphere can be an inspiration to try out the desire to love and kisses. Try it by giving a good impression in front of your boy/girlfriend then do first kiss. The best way is slowly and gently. Kiss the genuine feeling that shows that you love her.

The importance of preparations. When you are sure to be fragrant breath and your lips are not dry position. You may also be helped by eating candy that contains mint. I hope you should avoid fried foods contain - fried fish and garlic before making your first kiss. Just think yourself, if your mouth smells like a bad smell to your soap couples, As a result it would be a chaos !

Do not do Frech Kiss at first. Because in the beginning, the first kiss is the first time, should I suggest to avoid the French Kiss. Because of the way French Kiss is very hard to do at the beginning of kissing.

Do not in hurry when kissing. You do not have to ask permission first when he wanted to kiss, but you should find the time to lean back and face to face, such as eye contact and leaning his head anda.Pelajarilah your partner's body language, whether he/she's ready to be kissed.

Dont Nervous ! calm yourself, do not be nervous when first kiss. Since it was a lot of people doing this. Therefore, take the time to take steps at that time .

Give the best impression on the lover before the first kiss. Welcome your lover with a smile, and try to give hospitality to express it all handshake or hug a lover. Thus, if you want to share joy of your lover.

It all depends on the condition and mood. Do not expect more when one partner is not ready. Because it will affect your relationship and appeared uncomfortable effects. I hope my first kiss tips is work. Oke guys.. Good Luck.


Passive Income Abadi said...

Nice post... but it's no porn it's educational.. hehe

RifkyMedia™ said...

nah! betul,cari tempat yang terbaik,hehehe jangan ciuman di pasar :P wekekeke

andie said...

ahahahahhaa. boleh juga niiihh!!!

eh, maaf ya gan baru bisa mampir. :D

akhatam said...

Wah mantep nih.. hahaha

Waroeng Doyong said...

boleh dicoba tuh tips kissing nya...

Anonymous said...

ceritain juga donk pengalaman pertama kali dari umur berapa..kalo gw sih smp klas 2...hehe!

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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