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Wayang Golek, the Indonesia's traditional culture

. 2009-07-01

Indonesia posseses colorful and flourishing traditional culture, one of wich finds its expression in wayang golek. Wayang golek is a form of Sundanese traditional wooden puppet from West Java. Unlike wayang kulit (leather puppet) commonly found in other part of Java and Bali, this wayang is made of wood and is three dimensional. the wayang golek show does not need a screen.

Wayang stories are taken from Hindu scriptures, Ramayana and Mahabarata. The artists, however, modify the stories to keep the harmony within the existing Indonesian culture.
Distinctive and identifiable characters of wayang golek are easily recognized from the shape, clothing, colour, shapes of eye and nose, and the way walk, talk, sing, dance and fight. Wayang characters syimbolize human behaviour and personalities in real life.

In this posting i will describe some of characters of them (wayang golek)

* Ramawijaya
Was the king of Pancawati. Just as Ramawijaya was about to be crowned as the king of Ayodya. Ramawijaya voluntarily handed over the throne to Barata, Dewi kakayi's son. Humbly following Dewi Kakayi's dirty trick, Ramawijaya was even expelled from Ayodya and should live misserably in the jungle for 13 years. Realising Ramawijaya's sincerity, Barata refused to take over the throne. ramawijaya urged Barata to serve as the temporary king whole he was still in the banishment. In his exile, Sinta, Rama's wife, was kidnapped by Rahwana. In his battle to get his wife back, Rama killed Rahwana.

* Bima
Or Werkudara possessed the powerfull weapon Kuku Pancanaka and Gada Rujak Pala. Bima was depicted to be helpful, fair and devoted to his guru and parents. He consistenly upheld the truth and banished crimes. His proved his devotion, Pendita Durna, who ordered him to find perwitasari or the water of life, which did not exist. His devotion and obedience bestowed on him a chance to meet Dewa Ruci, who enlightened him with a lesson of life to understand the macrocosmic and microcosmic aspects of human beings. Bima was the biggest and the strongest of the Pandawa Brothers. His high determination had made him a significant strengh of Pandawa in the Baratayuda war, where he defeated Dursasana, Sangkuni and Duryudana.

* Cakil
Was an Indonesian genuine figur of creativity. Cakil was not a name, but a reference to a giant with long lower canine teeth. The puppet master sometimes uses other names such as Ditya Gendirpenjalin, Gendringcaluring, Klanthangmimis, or Klarapraceka. In theworld of wayang, Cakil had a high-pitched voiced, and he spoke very fast. he even shouted although the person he was speaking to was near. Cakil was a giant who guarded the boundary of a kingdom. If a knight (very often Arjuna or Abimanyu) was trepassing, a battle was inevitable. Cakil was described as a lively giant, skillful in martial arts with unique fighting and dancing styles. He was always killed with his own kris in a battle. Cakil could also represent a persistence figure who was dedicated to his duty until the last drop of his blood.

* Duryudana

Whom Bima reffered to as Jakapitana, was the first son of princess Gendari and King Destharata, the king of Astina. He always nurtured the ambition to become the king of Astina. Along with Sangkuni he tried, by hook or by crook, to pursue his ambition. Legally, Duryudana had no right to claim the throne of Astina because it actually bellonged to King Pandu Dewanata, the father of the Pandawas. The throne was left to Destharata's care only to be returned to the Pandawas once they were mature and worthly enough. However, Duryadana refused to give the Pandawas their righfully earned throne and tried to elliminate the Pandawas. In the end, even with all his might and cunning, Duryudana - the symbol of evil - was defeated by Bima of the Pandawas - the symbol of good.

* Anoman
was the son of Bathara Guru and Dewi Anjani. Hanoman had great dedication to humanity. Although physically an ape, he was a great warrior who enforced truth and fought againist evil. He was also honest and helpful. With his sacred technique Maundri, he once helped Prabu Ramawijaya to fight Dasamuka of Alengka, which brough victory. All his powers were dedicated to world peace. He is believed to have lived very long, from the kingdom of rama in Pancawati to the golden time of Pandawa, and he died when Jayabaya of Kediri reigned. In his old age, Anoman became a sage, called Bengawan Mayangkara.

* Gatutkaca

was one of Bima's sons. He was a ksatria with prominent strenghts;he flew like a Superman, he fought bravely as he possessed sacred weapons such as Brajamusti, Narantaka - (to multiply his strengths) Antrakusuma - (to protect him from all kinds of danger) and Basunanda - (to protect him from heat and rain). As it periodained, he should be avoiding Karna's sacred weapon, Kunta Wijayandanu. In the war of Barathayuda, Gathutkaca killed many of the Kurawa's warriors, but eventually he had to die of Karna's Kunta Wijayandanu.


lulussutopo said...

Wah memang Indonesia kaya akan budaya,kita sebagai generasi penerus harus melestarikannya
Kunjungi juga Blogku ya,,..
Sukses selalu.!

Animation, money 'n' more said...

nah ini budaya nyang sekarang ampir punah jadi keingetan waktu masih kecil suka banget maya wayang golek ketika tv masih cuman satu channel....

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